Rockefeller’s obedient helpers in CIA mind control FIRM helped to build up excuses of killing innocent people in the name of education and others. They are only making the killers feel good by doing things not related to exposing the Rockefeller family control of CIA and remote surgery and remote mind control technologies. Rockefeller’s real purpose is to kill everyone who knows secrets about human robots. Making killers feel good are killers’ helpers. Rockefellers kill victims by creating heroic sceneries not known by the whole world at all in order to kill CIA employees who know more secrets about human robots and Rockefeller family, not for any other purposes. Killings of targeted individuals are by-products of killing CIA employees who know secrets.


Rockefeller family member CIA real boss planned to kill every CIA employees who know secrets about human robots.


If you do not want to be helpers of the anti-humankind Rockefeller evil bosses, please focus on Rockefeller evil bosses only and never be distracted by things not related to exposing Rockefeller’s killings by using CIA remote surgery and remote mind control including the killing of former CIA employees. Expose those killings to everyone inside CIA and outside CIA. Never dream the rules of nature can be changed and Rockefeller boss could be not consistent and Rockefeller boss can be lenient to you when he already killed so many others already. You will be killed whatever you do. Don’t be killed after helping to kill other victims. Don’t help the killers to feel good and allow anyone to be sacrificed without immediately exposing the Rockefellers’ killings in CIA and the two technologies: remote surgery and remote mind control in every media everyday. Never trust what Rockefeller says. Only observe what Rockefeller really did.


Focus on immediate exposing remote surgery and remote mind control technologies in every media everyday. If you can’t focus on exposing the two technologies in every media everyday and deleting your bosses who do not help exposing the two technologies in every media everyday, you would only make more innocent people (criminals who did bad things due to mind control are also innocent people) including yourselves killed secretly. No one knows who killed us. Don’t allow anyone to be killed secretly without making the whole world know who authorized the killing and why. Today all the killings are made by Rockefeller family members and relatives due to their blockage of immediate exposing the two technologies to everyone on the earth.

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