If media report on mind control was allowed in 1999, how many lives have been saved?


The hearing in 1995 and the interviews of Ted Gunderson with former CIA employees in 1998 and 1999 were drugs of the CIA boss to sooth the employees by giving them fake hope so that they would relax and do not thrive for media exposure of the CIA secrets. The purpose was to hide secrets only. If the boss family ever cared about those being bullied within CIA, why didn’t they allow massive media report of those interviews?


All killings are for hiding secrets and creating excuses of not exposing secrets only. The purpose of hiding secrets will kill those who know secrets. The legacy of the boss family could not be a legacy without deleting the traces that could damage their reputations. Robots and those who know what had happened are all traces.


"Over 80% population of the world knowing the secrets" was the only thing what I wanted when CIA asked me “What do you want”.  Are there 20% people on the earth knowing the Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control? Same thing will happen to you American morons. You will also be killed secretly without getting anything as what your boss promised. Everything is consistent. Everyone is consistent.


Hiding secrets will kill those who know secrets both inside and outside that FIRM.



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