The people who are torturing you are C.I. s and case officers. You are what they call an OKIE CAMPAIGN. The psy-op is a POG. The microwaves are coming from the cell towers, IRIS satellites and radar that looks like a giant golf ball-ECHELON and the HAARP. The CO is communcating with you with normal and subliminal communications. The communications are in a coded langauage and against the law. The more you know about their world and their language the greater chance you have of these torturers leaving you alone. HERE are two great Doctors you should listen to-Dr. John Hall and Dr. Robert Duncan. Web Search them together and watch their videos. He has researched and helped 600 victims. Is somebody hurting you? GET UP Stomp your right foot three times STATE That's why we put Were putters Somebodys gonna move on you for real I'm fire and fury for real Es Floha Freeper Madness You're a sucker

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