How to choose a forex broker

Choosing a broker for trading should begin with collecting information about successful transactions and openness in working with clients. A good quality broker has its own portfolio of transactions, a large number of customer reviews.

The easiest way is to check the published lists of forex brokers on Global Fraud Protection. Global Fraud Protection writes about regulated (honest brokers who work in accordance with the rules) and unregulated brokers (brokers who do not have a trade license and are not under the supervision of financial regulators, but they actively and illegally provide these services) Global Fraud Protection will tell you and on the fingers will explain what to do if a broker or trading platform has scammed you for money. Also find out what to do if a broker or trading platform does not allow you to withdraw honestly earned funds (fraudulent projects create fictitious problems to refuse to withdraw funds)



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  • There are different ways to choose the best one which will be helpful for you. Sometime you need to proper guidance before investing in forex. For this purpose have a look best prop trading firms where can get best information about it. When you have proper knowledge about it then you can generate more profit in it. 

    What are the best Prop Trading Firms ?
    Comparing the best prop trading firms  should primarily focus on profit splits, total or maximum funding available,financial assets traded, risk desk…
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