If you are tortured, I have answered that helped me, and against the forces threatening me and harassing me, I am sharing a small bit of information. It has literally allowed me to regain control of my mind, more then any medication.

So, first - I have a series of small excersizes (that seem childish) but may help show you the power of these monstrous malfunctions that are going on in your body, of course not by YOUR own will.

1. try typing 'the opposite' way you normally type. Trick your brain into using the opposite finger on your keyboard, like typing with your hands crossed. It may help you figure out certain logical necessities of your own situation. (AND I CAN GUARRENTEE ITS MAKING THESE COWARDS 'MIND PROGRAMING' JOBS A LOT MORE DIFFICULT!)

2. Stare at your nose, cross-eyed, for 30 seconds. Its from an old yoga instruction book that made very difficult to obtain kept by these cowards. It strengthens your brain muscles and allows you to fight some of these 'programed' thoughts and responses. It may hurt, but take a break, give it time.. and then keep practicing. I also periodically blur my eyes while driving, etc... it has allowed me freedoms to even continue with my self scientific work... right down to this information i'm sharing. You may find 'the voices' start disappearing, and your own voice from the middle of your spine 'reaching' up into your brain to regain control over your own consciousness. Remember, TV's and especially computers are being used by these people in ways you wouldn't get until you really understood it. Other yoga tricks are nasal douching with simply saline spray, until it runs back down your throughout. This clear up polyps and bacteria that is blocking your energy, and affecting you and making their job easier.

3. self hypnosis. Lay/sit down and tilt your head back. Close your eyes. Use your own voice to speak out loud to yourself. Tell yourself your going to be putting yourself in a state of hypnosis, and and take a trip into your subconscious mind. Count slowly while focusing on your breathing, from 1 to 10 while imaging yourself walking down a flight of steps. Tellyourself about the steps and in-between numbers, about going down the steps toward your subconscious mind. When you get to 10, remind yourself that you are in your subconscious mind. Use positive suggestions and commands, that you will be taking back power over your mind. Stay here for as long as you want, if you notice bright lights flashing in your head... you are on to something. Take back control, then count backwards from 10 to 1 as you talk yourself back out of your private subconscious mind, and you may be feeling a lot better.

Now.. this where I've had even better results.

Neodymium magnets do work.. especially taped on the belly button. use the SOUTH SIDE. never the north side! north side increases the negative energy thats being broadcast into your vicinity. South side amps your own chi/energy to protect yourself from this invading attack. You find a lot of people saying the opposite - THEY ARE LIEING TO YOU. Try it and find out!

here is an example of how they look, and where to get them:

neomagnets for sale

However ...The best thing I've found is this:

This is a fairly large tennis ball sized 360v capacitor from general electric. I purchased it at an electronic surplus store. The idea came to me after building one of these, and having intense results!:

Thats an (illegal) disposable camera EMP pulse generator. They put me through a week of hell, even blocking me from posting/contacting the person who made this. It absolutely works, but you don't even need it!

ALL YOU NEED IS THE CAPACITOR! (lets see them make a new law to make that illegal!)

I've noticed your own body current can charge the capacitor if you keep it in your hand. Not plugged in, just the way it is, not even charged. The one I have is used, so perhaps it still has some sort of a charge. It works like a champ, and I feel like I'm on an anti depressant as I watch my consciousness change, and the voices/awful three dimensional thoughts and projections get sent back into the darkness they came from. IT WORKS. Left hand or on the stomach while sleeping. Its generating some sort of protection, or stopping something from coming in/communicating with my biological mind/brain. Does this mean I have a microchip? I don't know... I haven't gotten that far. Know that the person typing this has been tortured and tricked by this group of 'devils' beyond anything you can imagine. I will never stop fighting and sharing my info though, no matter what they do to me. I will NOT live in fear!

Perhaps this is the real truth. I advise you all to watch this video and share it! This NEEDS to stop. Its inhuman. Its a crime against humanity. Its nazi shit. No matter what crime you've committed. NEVER GIVE UP! YOU CAN WIN! FIGHT THEM!

Barry Trower on microwave warfare:

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/kvn-8ITy0oc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

these people will be caught eventually, and they know it.

Keep up the good fight.


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