The Global Public is Denied Human Rights by a few.

Those conducting Mass Surveillance by wireless, also conduct Data mining by Force {aka Torture} as well as

exploitation for Cyber sex.

The Public has been/ is exploited for the development of technology {Theft of services} including for Acts terrorism

transcending national boundaries {again, by wireless}.

Abuse of power/ tyranny; the Denial of Human Rights is currently done by those in and afilliated with UK GCHQ.

These are YOUR Rights. You own those Rights. No one can take them away unless given the will/ power to do


That is one reason for the supposed "Justice" system.

We need Legal representation for Accountability/ Oversight, Redress, and can obtain it if we all work together.

There are more of us than there are of them.

Collectively, working together,  we can be the catalyst for change. Globally.

Telecommunications Fraud is what it is. Fraud and International Human Rights violations.

Anyone interested in working towards Change drop a short {short} note.

I cant do it alone


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