Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

I am currently working with the United States Secret Service because the perps have committed the crime of sedition

I know how important this the audacity may be. I would also like to mention that the perps like to play tricks on us. I call everything they do or say a con job. I am currently working with the United States Secret Service because the perps have committed the crime of sedition on me since the Nov 8th elections in 2010.


In law, sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that is deemed by the legal authority to tend toward insurrection against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent (or resistance) to lawful authority.


If you or any other TIs have been driven by their talk to commit a crime especially against the President of the United States we need to instruct TIs to connact the Secret Service Protective Intelligence and  the Los Angeles Electronic Crimes Task Force.


The beautiful thing about report this truth to the secret service is the following.


1) The Secret Service knows the tech exists and uses it for communication amongst themselves.

2) All threats to the President of the United states must be taken seriously

3) We do not make ourselves know as a threat just a person that is having sedition done through electronic harassment.

4) We must be honest so only do this if it is true and I have template letters we can use and how to handle agents on the phone instructions.



I attached a sample letter. I have walked into the San Francisco office and told them my story (they listened). This is the organization is tasked with securing the president and the perps are creating unstable people and telling them to hurt the president or  other political figures. Given what happened in Arizona where a schizophrenic man killed a congress woman it can be said that the problem has come home to roost. IF the politicians become the target of the targeted individuals because of mind manipulation by the synthetic telepathy perps they will feel very differently about creating crazy people that are targeting them because the AI like machine that interacts with people will often take anything a ti says that he dislikes and turn dislike into hate. So if on does not like white people one may start to hate them and want to kill whitie.


We must seriously consider not marketing this as just a mind control machine but a HATE MACHINE being used to push a hate groups political agenda. Being used to stir up racism and cause political dissent. We will market our groups as the luck TI's who are able to recognize this for what it is and are above influence. We will however raise or voice for all the other TI's that may be driven to murder presidents or congress women or commit crimes against society. Why are we amune from it driving us to do bad? We don't know but for the grace of god we might have.


Letter I sent to Secret Service


To:  Los Angeles Electronic Crimes Task Force.


I have spent some time as a targeted individual myself, I realize the number of inquiries you receive on a daily basis regarding this type of surveillance and remote control; it is my hope that by introducing you to our group and help correct a danger to the President of the United States. The perpetrators of this crime constantly try to create in a targeted individual fear and disdain for President Barrack Obama. The perpetrators also attempt to create racial intolerance as well.  


Let me introduce myself as a targeted individual with a background in computer science.


My most challenging parts of being a targeted individual have been sexual stimulation, emotional cloning, sleep deprivation and thought alteration.  Of being physically controlled by the perpetrators of this crime.


This all started about 3 years ago in San Francisco and Oakland area. I was somehow assaulted by this voice to skull technology. I do not know if the group really wants to hurt the president by using Remote Mind Control and creating a Manchurian Candidates or if it is just a lark. Either way it is irresponsible or a threat to the Presidency. I believe the crime this group is guilty of is sedition. This group through cyber terrorism / voice to skull / synthetic telepathy and remote mind control attempted to stir up a rebellion in me. They encouraged me to rebel against the President in a terrorist fashion. I resisted their attempts and on or about the end of the November 08 elections I went to 345 Spear St. San Francisco #530 (US Secret Service Office) and attempted to describe what I did not understand as a technology at that time.  I requested that the agents put my testimony into the MASTER CONTROL  INDEX. Since that time I have overheard the technology names and have become familiar with them. I am even aware from articles posted by Donald Friedman and articles by that the Secret Service uses this type of communication and protects the President.


I was visited by U.S. Army Counter Intelligence officer James Pennick Huff of the 902nd Los Alamitos, CA on or about December 28th 2010. I was debriefed on information pertaining to “Synthetic telepathy” aka voice to skull. I was able to inform him of the following top secret information regarding the technology. I am not a technologist in this field but I believe my information can be easily verified.

1)    Microwave Action Mechanism and Action Potential

2)    The Ability of Action Potential build up in the cells to perform various physical movements and emotional cloning

3)    Perceptual Deception: The ability to clone visual information in the human visual perception to hide what is really going on and the ability to move focus of perception to hide what is happening around them. The ability to use Microwave Action Mechanism on the ear to create an audio deception of what is heard.

4)    Complete Motor control which gives agents enhanced physical abilities such as visual perception and coordinated movement through brain pattern recognition. Enhance eye hand and balance capabilities including: hand gun targeting, clearing a room, walking backwards, martial arts abilities, and access to an online voice operated computer system for language skills, technical information, and various other information.

5)    Physical emotional cloning

6)    The ability to control the vocal and subvocal process so they can talk through an individual’s vocal process and manipulate thought through subvocal muscle manipulation.

7)    The ability to read evoked potentials and linguistically tag them to give them insight into what an individual is thinking them change how a person thinks by delivering contrary sub vocalization.


I have all the aforementioned skills.  I have now what is a black belts knowledge of Karate, enhanced perception both visually and audibly. I am a victim of the crime of sedition. Please see the enclosed attachment letter. Whoever is responsible for this crime has attempted to generate ill will towards the President of the United States in a person that is equipped enhanced abilities and could possibly carry it out. I am not the only one that this crime has been forced upon and there are time bombs within the population. They are time bombs waiting to explode.  This is evident from what can be seen on You Tube and searching for voice to skull and synthetic telepathy.


My background, skills and talents are all aspects of sales engineering, information / network security, database Security, Operating systems. I belong to a group of targeted individuals in the USA over 2000 strong. Our web site is


I would appreciate the opportunity to have a conversation with you and exchange ideas. You may reach me at xxxx-xxxx-xxx.




Dave Huber

 By the Bye:

Given what happened with Donald Friedman and his belief he was being targeted by the secret service and my understanding of the technology and how this seditious group is working against the secret service and the President I believe it is something very worthwhile investigating. In addition I believe the President should be made aware of the number of violent crimes involving Schizophrenia, in Arizona and other places may not be schizophrenia alone but unstable individuals pushed to violence with Remote Control and Surveillance systems. If this is the case, and I believe it is, special protection and screening of these individuals should be done to determine if they have been pushed over the edge with electronic harassment.


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Step by step, scientists are busy perfecting an entirely new and amazingly powerful approach to computer technology. Far more than simply being the next generation in tinier, faster hardware and smarter software, quantum computing represents a fundamental difference in kind. Though the capabilities -- including actual quantum teleportation -- may seem astonishing, quantum computing is not science fiction or the next "cold fusion." Quantum computing is proven, hard fact. Impressive results have already been accomplished in major laboratories around the globe, validated independently by other researchers, and reported in prestigious, peer reviewed journals. Yet history has shown all too often that a country's national security is deeply affected by its own and its potential adversaries' relative number-crunching prowess.

Reading the best secret codes: It turns out that an individual light photon (indivisible, sub-microscopic packet of energy) can exist in a vast number of superimposed states all at once. As a result, quantum computers differ drastically from current digital computers, where the fundamental unit of information is the familiar "discrete 0 or 1." This enables a new type of parallel processing on a truly mind-boggling scale.

Certain computational-intensive tasks -- including military code-breaking -- which would take literally millions of years with the latest supercomputers, could instead be solved in mere seconds on a full-blown quantum computer. Such a device, if perfected in secret, could compromise every encryption scheme in existence. But the idea of it is already public. Research on codes immune to fast quantum-computer decryption had better keep pace! Otherwise industrial, diplomatic, and warfighting activity might be reduced to a "new Dark Ages," in which every player's mail gets read by competitors and enemies, like it or not.,13190,Buff_081304,00.html

What the above means is that any message sent via standard encryption methodologies is subject to decryption by any nation that owns a quantum computer. No encrypted message is safe. The only encryption methodology that might be safe is Fractal Encryption methods.

-David Huber

Targeted individuals are controlled physiologically and systemically. Every emotion and bioelectrical signal can form the basis of an encryption code. Everything they look at and every physical motion they make can also be the basis for a fractal encryption code.

For example if your left arm has a muscle cramp or twitches and you are looking at a chair in your house and you are lying on the couch in a comfortable position and the voices to the skull say certain words this will form the basis for an encrypted message that can be sent to another targeted individual. Example a targeted individual in San Francisco can receive this type of messages and even be observed by another targeted individual further encrypting the message. The message can then be sent via satellite at the speed of light to another targeted individual in another NATO country for further encryption or decryption. –David Huber

Fractal Encryption:

Encryption methods based upon nonprobabilistic nondeterminism show promise in the optical age.

In 1987 a discovery led to the formal proof that it is possible to use chaotic functions to arrive at a nonprobabilistic and nondeterministic method normal context of the operation of this system, and by using a virtual operational environment, the investigators are manipulating data in eight dimensions, which require a sixty-four discrete coordinate system, using eight nominative octets. Each octet is further addressed using the characters 0 through 9, and lower- or upper-case letters from A to Z. These provide the ability to address using normal ASCII characters. This format was chosen to ensure backward and forward compatibility with external third-party-written software.

This original discovery has led to the fundamental principle that the main focus of any chaotic system was what the output would look like. After watching hundreds of runs of Edward Lorenz's strange attractors show up in places that were seemingly endless, it was decided that the team would pursue the goal of placing this type of behaviour into a software/hardware combination that would supply the necessary functionality and still be robust enough for a PC or minicomputer format. This was accomplished when the first modules of Fortran were created; then, as time went on in the development process, the investigators translated some of the harder features into what languages were available and able to be used.

The system that was decided upon was one where a combination of hardware and software was used. The hardware provided a means of proper transmission and error correction, and the software was utilized to create the front end and all of the virtual mechanisms used to create each message block, or octet as the case may be.


Human biophysical emotions and physical movement and heart rate and other quantifiable measurements are used to encrypt and decrypt messages amongst 1000s of targeted individuals.

-David Huber

This was published by the U.S National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health in I guess they should be aware of it´s existing....//Annie


On the possibility of directly accessing every human brain by electromagnetic induction of fundamental algorithms.

Persinger MA.

Behavioural Neuroscience Laboratory, Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.


Contemporary neuroscience suggests the existence of fundamental algorithms by which all sensory transduction is translated into an intrinsic, brain-specific code. Direct stimulation of these codes within the human temporal or limbic cortices by applied electromagnetic patterns may require energy levels which are within the range of both geomagnetic activity and contemporary communication networks. A process which is coupled to the narrow band of brain temperature could allow all normal human brains to be affected by a subharmonic whose frequency range at about 10 Hz would only vary by 0.1 Hz.

PMID: 7567396 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

good luck with this.  I hope yopur plan works.  How the hell you can speak so clearly with the SS with all the dew attacks I dont know.  When i went to speak with them they just referred me to the FBI.  I am glad you got them to lsiten.  At least they admit to it existing now.

So you just turned yourself in.  I'm going to take a few out to dinner.  The secret service will fail.
yes, if you threaten to kill the president, they'll get involved and try to fix you with abstract means.  Congrats, now you are a target.  Nobody will listen to us because we don't have money.  We have to become terrorists.  It's survival. 

steve ahmann said:

good luck with this.  I hope yopur plan works.  How the hell you can speak so clearly with the SS with all the dew attacks I dont know.  When i went to speak with them they just referred me to the FBI.  I am glad you got them to lsiten.  At least they admit to it existing now.

Read attached file!!! From IARPA ICARUS PROGECT


Hi Steve,

I told the Secret Service the truth. The voices I hear tell me to do things where the PResident is involved. The S.S. in los angeles has met with me for the last three years and over 10 times. They told me off the record that they know that the techology exists and that Targeted individuals pushed over the edge with electronic / automated voices telling them to kill the President. are a real concern for them. They also told me that I may never be able to get our justice system involved. They went on to say that it must suck but it is something I have to live with. They did get me access to a county doctor that prescribed medication that makes sleeping easier.




steve ahmann said:

good luck with this.  I hope yopur plan works.  How the hell you can speak so clearly with the SS with all the dew attacks I dont know.  When i went to speak with them they just referred me to the FBI.  I am glad you got them to lsiten.  At least they admit to it existing now.

They were very rude to me like everyone else and hurt me very badly emotionally and eventually physically.  You must be worth something.  They just look for another opportunity to defame, frame or destroy me.  Over the years, it's become a great source of rage, and I will eventually shoot them up.  They want a terrorist so bad, Breaking Benjamin is going to get one.  I want a song after all that.  I want a fucking song.

They're agents.

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