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BASED ON THE OPINIONS OF OUR RNM LAB.: Many TIs who contact us about Mind Control and Electronic Attack falsely believe that Infrasonic sounds cause mind control, because they read it Online from a scammer, or an armchair pseudo scientist, or an uniformed or misled TI. The fact is that while infrasonics can be used for some forms of electronic attack, it cannot be used for mind control electronic attacks. The very low bandwidth (BW) of infrasound means that it can carry very little mind control data or even control signals. However, infrasound can cause physical forms of electronic attack by causing micro-vibrations of internal organs and tissues, thus disrupting or even damaging them, thus resulting in such manifestations as general pain, nausea, vertigo, disorientation, dizziness, fainting, blood pressure spikes , loss of sleep, and even death (Note: We are not doctors). Nor can raw infrasonic sounds be pinpointed to individual TIs in a crowd. That's because infrasonic sound is omnidirectional so infrasonic sounds can't target individual TIs (Note: This physical property also makes infrasound much more difficult to jam and shield against), the converse being that the locations of infrasonic transmitters are very hard to pinpoint by TIs . However, since ultrasonics are highly directional, ultrasonics can be used to accurately target individual TIs in a crowd as its energy can be focused into a tight beam at a TI's brain or body, and conversely, ultrasonic transmitters can be pinpointed and jammed and shielded against . The false Infrasound-Causes-Mind-Control tale results because in mind control, infrasonic freqs (e.g. brainwave signals) and audio signals are often used to modulate ultrasonic carrier signals. When these modulated ultrasonic signals enter into the brain or body, they are decoupled from their ultrasonic carriers to then do their dirty little V2K-type manifestations. But when such modulated ultrasonic signals come into contact with and mix with ambient audio outside the body (eg environmental sounds such as voices, vehicles, animals, motors, construction) or contact delayed versions of themselves due to reflections (from nearby hard surfaces, sometimes resulting in tell-tale faint voices and other sounds coming from hard surfaces), sum and difference freqs may result (as well as from the decoupling of some of the modulating brainwave and audio sounds from the modulated ultrasonic signals due to such things as obstacles, dust, snow, rain, foilage, clothes or even distance). This process is very complex and little-understood. The difference freqs and decoupled freqs can easily be infrasonic and/or audio signals, thus misleading observers who do not understand mind control and electronic attack technologies to falsely believe that infrasonics cause mind control. By pinpointing ultrasonic transmitters and shielding and/or jamming out their ultrasonic carriers - which we can do for you - you can also eliminate their infrasound and audio sound modulating components, thereby stopping mind control attacks. Let us try to help you.

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  • Here's the details.
    Download Google sound analyser apk SPECTROID. Open it. Zoom the nfrasound part on graph. You will see as you breath deeply. Graph fluctuate according to breathing. That means you need sound which can penetrate deep inside head.
    For this you need 5Hz 8 Hz 11 hz 13 hz 5 kHz 8kHz 11kHz 13khz put 2.4 ghz wi fi signal in it. And play it above head or on ear. As soon as you do there will be pain with vibration on head neck and shoulder. That's it.
    you can generate sound using tone generate apk from play store.
    You just need mobile phone, wifi router and small circuit which will can send wifi signal to heradphone through wire. A type of mixer circuit.
    Mind reading they are doing is not only on infra sound. What they are doing is using low bass ,mid and high treble frequency so that low frequency gets interfered. They still got mid and high stable frequency.
    That's why most of the interference doesn't work. They create Heterodyne frequency music.
    What you need is sound which penetrates deep to head. Besides 2.4 ghz you guys can try and use 550kHz or mhz and above for penetration.
    Once your sound reached there sound get blocked.

    Please use high frequeny in low volume.whatever you do it should be in low volume. High treble frequency will burn you and low bass will generate to much heat

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