It is the CIA technical boss who made all the killing, all the tortures and all the bad things. The other technicals will be killed later by that technical boss who still believe lying is sustainable. The other technicals, most of whom are partially brain damaged did not believe everything is consistent and their boss could not possibly be educated or changed when he is in power. They only have the instinct of keeping everything the same to have a safe life, but did not know the world is changing everyday. Keeping everything the same could not keep themselves safe at all.


I’m being killed by those CIA technicals who did not kill their boss that does not allow good things to humankind to happen when he is alive. It is the technical boss who is on purpose killing innocent people to get ideas of how to fool people, rather than how to help humankind. That is the reason I do not want to help that boss to put up more phony shows. There is zero evidence to prove that boss could possibly do anything not harmful to humankind. My responsibility is to educate the other CIA technicals to do the right thing. Without CIA employees’ help, ordinary people cannot expose the two technologies at all.


The low quality of that boss is proved by what he did. He did not care about society as what he always did. That is why he did not really care about tens of thousand innocent people being killed every single day. He is what he did. The other technicals who are helping that boss are genetic morons who really deserve being killed as they did not do their best to delete that technical boss who does not allow good things to humankind (the exposing of the two technologies to allow the general public to monitor the applications) to happen.


“Over 80% population knowing the secrets (Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control)” was the only thing what I wanted when CIA asked me “What do you want?” Same thing will happen to you CIA technicals, as everything is consistent, everyone is consistent. What your boss is doing to victims will definitely happen to you. The purpose of killing me is to hide secrets only. Hiding secrets will kill you who know more secrets than me.


Evenif you are brothers by born, hiding secrets would not be long without killing the other brothers mentally. Everyone is consistent. Too many history events proved that. Crocodiles will kill each other when there are no real other competitors.



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