CIA did more brain surgery on me. I can be controlled more easily and my brain is stopped more often. The technical boss is still believing lying is sustainable. That is why he insist on rewriting the CIA history by deleting traces and not allowing exposing secrets in mainstream media massively.  There is no other purpose. The technical boss made the killings look like games. Actually there is no game. Everything is determined by the technical boss. Killing is for hiding secrets. Hiding secrets will kill you who know secrets (remote surgery and remote mind control and what had happened).


I might be killed completely.  Please find out the technical boss, who does not allow exposing secrets in mainstream media massively. There is no experiment. There is only killing. The so-called experiments are only excuses for killing. No data was kept for long. Everything was deleted after a case. Only a few useless stuffs were kept by robots to fool the robots they are doing something, as those who keep those things will be killed as well.  He will definitely kill you after killing me as you also know secrets. The technical boss is too harmful to humankind. If you do not delete him, you and others who know secrets will all be killed as he is completely obsessed in killing by creating lies. He would not allow good things to happen when he is holding power. He could not possibly change when he is holding power.


Ordinary slaves and robots, please give your names to each other to remember each other in case anything happens. We can’t prevent from being killed. But we should do our best to increase the cost of killing us. Don’t let the technical boss kill us with no cost to himself.


It does not matter which family the technical boss belongs to. He is the one who knows the robots, who knows all the killing games. It also does not matter what he is obsessed with. His behaviors are too harmful to humankind. He does not allow good things to happen, making tens of thousands ordinary people being killed every single day. The technical boss is too harmful, too harmful to humankind.


He is completely obsessed in killing by creating lies. His behaviors are too harmful to humankind. 


I might be killed by that technical boss. But that is not the ending. Before exposing secrets, everyone can be killed secretly with no cost to the real killer as the general public doesn’t know the two technologies. The real killer behind cannot be found without public's help. EVIL is vicious to everyone. Your technical boss is also consistent. He would not stop and he could not stop to build his legacy. He has to kill the traces who know the secrets. The only way to save your own life is to make everyone know the secrets (Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control). Don’t let killing with no cost happen. Never trust the boss who does not allow exposing secret in mainstream media, as everything he is doing is only for hiding secrets to rewrite CIA history.


“Over 80% population knowing the secrets (remote surgery and remote mind control)” was the only thing what I wanted when CIA asked me “What do you want?”.


Same thing will happen to you who are helping the technical boss to hide secrets. President Johnson had been killed after helping to hide secrets of killing president Kennedy.

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