I will be sharing ... (Topic) Part - 4


Please try to read the past parts to be able to understand the details i write

After Hacking My Body

First thing they moved and did they made my eyes blinked and looked to direction right and left with my eyes and that was while driving my car. At that time the situation was i am contacting with someone through feeling transfer and the character i was contacting with was kind and cute with me. I thought at that time when they moved my eyes it was just feeling transfer but now i realize that it is called hacking mind. After that i walked they made me feel it is a camera and they see through and the character that was contacting with me acted in nice way so i don't get scared. They are making you live in another world nice world simple situation, making you like a baby who wants to discover and they satisfy you by being with you beside you like a friend. To know all those things happened gradually applied with studied steps to get into you, steal and absorb you from the existence and live in a world they made for you by their rules. They started showing me their powers through hurting and abusing me mentally and in my body. Through evil situations like they made me vomit the food after i ate it. They made me feel pain in my stomach or headache in my head. And deprive me from sleeping and force me to sleep while I am studying.They stopped my thinking while i am on exam at university just i was unable to remember the answers for questions at the exam. And at that time the abuse actions is nothing to what they are doing to me now.

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