I will be sharing ... (Topic) Part - 5

After hacking my mind

They used their electromagnatic power at my vein in my right side near the ear which is called (temporal artery). The power they used on that part made me feel so much pain that i wasn't even able to sleep at that side or touch the area there. They made the pain last for more than five days. The pain felt like electricity whenever i touch my right ear or the area around i immediately remove it like i touched a fire. Even when i get a shower i never able to wash that area as it hurt a lot. Plus, they used my teeth to bite the inner cheeks and scrape my tongue surface left the inner cheeks with bites effets that hurts when i eat or move my mouth or touch it and the scrape for tongue caused scratches and cracks, all of that causing pains for me for days until my body heals them then, they repeat it again.

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  • Dear Peacepink member,

    I read yourstory, they've made me also bite my cheeks, they do this due to their religious beliefs that this world is "hell", Matthew 8:12.

    I've the ability to build a sanctuary that protects fellow suffers from direct-energy weapon attacks. I'm interested in connecting with people interested in actively working with me to undertake this project so they may have a space (with full long-term tenant rights) within the structure that will offer you a protective barrier.

    Such a structure is normally financially prohibited for a single individual, but as a group, feasible, please note I reside in Thailand; where land and construction costs are very affordable. We can also build structures in other countries. We maybestrangers but we''ve a common enemy who attacks us. Together we can become strong where this unseen enemy has, as individuals, made us weak; we must stand strong against these acts of covert violence. If I can help you in anyway, please don't hesitate to contact me.

    -Douglas (tempdatis@gmail.com, LINE:atisd)

  • Use Mylar or metal to shield your head and body. Or a Faraday cage.


    • Did you use it and worked for you? And from where I can buy it?

      • Yes, I have been using Mylar for many years and I use it every day and night for shielding. I fold it and layer it for strength. Diamond Mylar is the most effective. I buy it from a shop in London - I just found it by googling.

        I use metal objects also for shielding, any thick metal blocks microwaves.

        I have not used a Faraday cage as they are expensive, but Dr Robert Duncan recommends them.



        • Thanks for responding, i will try to search for them and buy them thank you

          • I use Faraday shields, passive grounded systems, to no avail, they cut right through it unless it's the "Hell fire" heat ray stuff... even then they can increase the energy output until saturation point and it starts coming through... Anyways I hope all's well.


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