I'm wondering why its soo hard to establish a means to break free of this mind enslavement and invasion of mind, body and spirit!? I'm unsure why these people have done this evil, and continue doing so!? What is there incentive and driving force? What inspires these so-called human beings to harm or stalk another human? How does this psychotronic technology work in regards to it's system and informing!? Who is sponsoring this evil and allowing the torture of innocent human beings!? There is soo much unanswered.. It's my belief that the government lie and instigate situations that comfortably allow the targeting of other humans. A way of justifying it yet keeping it incognito or hush hush! These ignorant flick who perpetrate will themselves become victims as they further condone it's unlawful act. All this HAARP and fart will be exposed, bio chip RFID implants and microwaves along with it! It's inevitable.. We need answers now, who has ideas or can answer these queries??? 

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