If human robots can kill, there is no reason that they can not give feelings of remote surgery and feelings of being mind controlled to other people. Unless, they cannot kill anyone at all and all the killings were made by Rockefeller family members who are controlling human robots produced by the DOLL HOUSE.


In the BUS drama, in which some people playing human-robots and some playing the CIA boss family members, it had been announced that there would be no death penalty (no killing). However, the killing still happened. What do these Rockefellers really want? Should others do the same thing to them as well? There is no reasonable reason for not exposing the remote surgery and remote mind control technologies to the general public immediately. The only possible reason is they want to kill every CIA who knows the secrets about human robots. What surprised me is that there are CIA employees who really did not know they would be killed after being used. They thought they are living in a fantasy rather than in a real world.

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