Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

In the Czech Republic the Party for Freedom of Thought in the Digital Age is being formed


While the fifth generation of cell phone networks is implemented and is supposed to create an internet of things, controled at a distance, in the sixth generation the brains should be connected to internet and by the same logic controled at the distance as well. The companies Apple and Samsung tested already in 2017 neuro gadgets connected to their Iphones, which could read brain activity via brain-computer interfaces based on EEG readings, and they expected that direct connection of brains and computers will gradually replace the use of keyboards, mouses and voice instructions So the world is getting ready already for several years to connect the people's brains to internet. But so far no political party shows intention to defend the freedom of thought of citizens of their state. It is obvious that connecting brain to internet will mean that our brains could be affected by thoughts and opinions of somebody else, who will decide what thoughts we will have in our minds and what decisions we will make. If we accept this situation, we will lose our political and personal freedom and it will be possible to even interfere with our personal relationships. In the final stage we could be all controled by computers, which somebody will program to decide what we should think and what actions we should take.
To connect our brains to internet not necessarily miniature electroencephalographical devices will be needed. Last year the U.S. Academy of Sciences admitted that those were most probably pulsed microwaves, which were used to attack the American diplomats in Cuba and China and produces in their brains hallucinations and brain damages An Assessment of Illness in U.S. Government Employees and Their Families at Overseas Embassies | The National Academies Press ( . When pulsing cell phone microwaves in frequencies of firing of neurons in the brain it can be possible to connect brains to internet and control the brain activites of whole populations. In 2007 the U.S. daily The Washington Post wrote, that in 1994 scientist were able to transmit into the brains of volunteers marginally intelligible phrases Mind Games ( . 24 years later the scientist from the American DARPA agency, engaged in the research of advanced military technologies, James Giordano told in a lecture to American cadets that his agency developed nano particles, which can be aerosolized and when breathed in will penetrate into the brain and in this way will enable still easier connection of the brain to transmissions in the air controling the brain activity (38th minute).
There is no legislation protecting citizens against attacks on the activity of their brains or bodies. Freedom of thought can be guarateed only by a legislation prohibiting (under the harsh penalties) transmissions into the air of any energy in frequencies corresponding to frequencies of the activity of functioning human brain. To connect its brain to internet should be possible for human being only with the use of cable connection, that makes it possible to disconnect again. Governments will have to provide for the detection of forbiden transmissions and establish teams capable to find their sources and verify the complaints of people, who will claim that their bodies or nervous systems are attacked by organized energies coming from outside. The legislations should provide that the representatives of human rights organizations will be members of those teams.
Since the official media do not inform the general public about those dangers to freedom of people and so evidently there is no political will to enact those legislations, we have decided to form a party for freedom of thought in the digital age, which have the goal to open public discussion on this subject.
If people will be deprived of their natural interaction with their natural and human environment it will easily result in the extinction of human species. We are looking for people, who would like to participate in the effort to protect human mind and soul from manipulations by outside energies.


(1) The prinicpal goal of the Party is the defense of fundamental and natural right of the human being to have a freedom of thought and freedom of interaction withs its environment without interference with the activity of the neurons in his brain and body by energies coming from outside of its body
(2) The Party for the freedom of thought in the digital age wants to use its policy to
a) initiate enaction of legislation which will introduce harsh penalties for the use of technical means applying the discoveries of the classical as well as quantum physics and knowledge of the functioning of the human nervous system to influence the activity of human brain and body without the informed consent of the subject with the application of this influence
b) defend freedom of speech and expression not only according to the current legislation and constitution, but as well against interference with the activity of human brains and neurons by electromagnetic fields, potential fields, non-local connection of electrons and photons or any other physical fields, whose existence was not published or discovered so far
c) defend freedom of speech and freedom of expression for scientists, carrying out research in the fields of remote control of the activity of the human brain and body or other harmfull interference with the living human body, to inform the general public about their discoveries
d) defend independence of courts an prosecutors on the state even in the fields where the government tries to hide the use of technolgoies of remote control of human brains and bodies or other detrimental or dubious technologies from the general public
e) defend democracy and maximal engagement of the general public in decision making, icluding the decision making in the area of introduction of scientific discoveries into the life of the society
f) to promote in the foreign policy the replacement of the diluvial struggle for power by policy of good neighborhood.....

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Hi, may I have the permission to translate in french this article, please?

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