Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

This is a platform for gathering victims worldwide, exchanging their experience with each other, awareness, their voice together for the rest of the people and action. I understood from my experience that it is very difficult to survive for the victims based on the reality when the law enforcement authority is working against them. In these circumstances, we should at least have a zero tolerance to keep out the perpetrators from this platform. I hope the administration of this platform will focuses on the unexpected interruptions and take necessary action.

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I disagree , I like that fact that there are no moderators on this forum. If there is anything or someone that you are suspicious about then there is a blocking option. Power hungry MODs are not needed here and plus what if a perp got a role here as a MODERATOR? I went to Ireland's biggest online forum talking about my targeting and I got the impression that some of the moderators there were agents of the State from the way they reacted and treated to me. I got the run around there by MODs that were really agents. No lets keep this a non policed platform. I have my suspicions about a few people here i.e the people that come here and claim they can free you from all of this, but I just ignore them. I would advise you Ahasan Chowdhury to do the same.

I respect your disagreement. I think this your freedom to do that. Anyway, let me describe my circumstances. One thing I observed throughout my experience and I learn, victims trapped in very substicated ways that they plead guilty, actually they did not commit a crime or wrong. My situation is, the Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) installed radio antenna and so many equipment in my home that facilitated tortures against me and my family.  I have the long legal fight with them to disclose the records of my residence that their presentations were fraud everywhere. During the last two years they took several efforts to move out of this home that might lose my rights to access of records in this home. But they failed. I started my law suit on May 2019, before the Court. In these circumstances, one of the members of this platform offers me for the EMC lab test regarding EMF (probably free of cost). Related to the  'EMC lab test work that might happen- ‘the Power surges and indirect lightning currents are complex. They are not predictable but their effects can be devastating that I found in an article. I do not know much about this matter. In anyway,  If such thing happen in my home, I believe, the TCHC will get the free license to kick me out from this home along with the criminal charge. I can’t say to the Court that ‘I did not commit it. I’m not blaming anyone but I want to make sure every others innocent victims should be safe under the various circumstances. Thanks.


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