The real boss of the family controlled CIA mind control FIRM has to be a former or concurrent technical staff, who enabled all the killings all the tortures and all the other bad things using Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control two secret technologies. That real BOSS is on purpose hiding that he is a technical staff by pretending TECHNICAL STAFFS ARE TEACHING TRAINEES of LOW EDUCATION to operate the machines. He can’t hide the truth that without technical staff those machines cannot be operated properly for years. Even if the OBVIOUS EVIL is a low education guy, he has to be supported by TECHNICAL STAFF who are willingly helping him to prevent himself from being killed suddenly.


One same family member could not make WILLINGLY a sure thing, especially when so many innocent people were already killed. However, a group of technical staff from the same family may enable many bad things that are harmful to human kind. A group of not related people cannot cooperate well for long if their purpose is for getting power rather than something that benefit them equally.


That group of technical staffs who are related to the same family enabled all the killings, all the tortures and all other bad things. Technical staffs not related to that family have responsibility to stop those bad people. Otherwise, they would be killed sooner or later, as that family could not trust them for long. Direct evidence is the BOSS has started to prepare the killing of all the human-robots, most of whom are not from the boss family. One reasonable reason for the killing is the human-robots have outnumbered the control capability of that family. Keeping everything under direct control of that family is the purpose of killing human-robots. ONE DAY WHEN THEY ARE TIRED OF THOSE STIMULATIONS, THEY CAN DELETE ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE WHO KNOW THE SECRETS EASILY.


Killing killers who do not stop killing is saving lives. It is because of the technical staffs who did not stop the killers that made the remote killings of so many people possible. If they did not know that when the first killing happened, they have no reason to say they still do not know it today.


There are still less than 20% human-robot inside CIA mind control FIRM know the electromagnetic remote surgery technology, which were used to damage their brains when they were sleeping. Telling all human-robots about the Remote Surgery technology is important to let them know their own status so that they could control themselves better.

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