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Taylor’s scans found “a low
signal coming from Mr Walbert’s right upper back area” according to his report.
After further checking, this was confirmed to be a low-bandwidth but constant
signal at around 288MHz. This is in the VHF band, used for commercial
television, radio and other transmissions. There are plenty of portable devices
which use this band, such as the micro-transmitters which let you listen to your
MP3 player or your car radio. However, 288Mhz is in a wavelength reserved for
military use in the US. It is employed for secure air-to-air and air-to-ground
commun­ications such as the HAVE QUICK system, which is almost universal in US
military aircraft.

Eh blog

I have an xray that proves this

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I scanned my body with Chinese device. Regular signals come from my stomach near navel.

In my searches ive detected reactions from my naval as well.  I remember 15 years ago it bleeding and scabbing.

the device name cc308+ later I will check with other device. Device detect the same signals from mobile and wireless internet routers as well.

brian bovo said:

In my searches ive detected reactions from my naval as well.  I remember 15 years ago it bleeding and scabbing.

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