In Las Vegas, the accompany service companies only provide prostitute service, however, in the contracts the service providers were not encouraged to be prostitute and they would be fired if they were captured for being prostitute. However, people who signed the contract can only be contacted by the company if they can be prostitutes. Beating, torturing and even killings of those employees are common practices that were never reported by the company owners themselves. That is direct encouragement of those bad things because of no real discouragement on those things. They did not expose those who beat, tortured or killed specific employees and TAG them forever wherever they go.


Same to the CIA mind control FIRM. The real boss and the administration did not expose those in all levels that participated in the killings or tortures of specific human-robot or ordinary human and TAG them forever wherever they go. That is direct encouragement of killings and tortures. They even did not allow the employees to know each and everyone. That is on purpose for the deleting of those who participated. What else could be meaningful if they all are going to be killed after being used?


Most American youngsters were educated to believe the existence of Adolf Hitler was the reason of the second World War. Most Americans did not know it was the German System at that time encouraged Hitler’s hooligan behaviors. Hitler would not become a killer (for indirect killing) if he was not encouraged to do so. At that time Hitler was rewarded due to his hooligan behaviors towards opponents of those in power. He became premiere of Germany due to those hooligan behaviors. If Hitler was not encouraged, if he lived in another environment, he might become a good musician, a good actor, even a history teacher who gives exaggerated stories to students.


If Hitler was not encouraged by those who were using him to get personal interests rather than the interests of majority people, there might not be the second World War, there might not be the massive killing of Jews.


Who is blocking the change of the internal system of the CIA mind control FIRM that is encouraging killings, tortures and other bad things?


Anyway, killing killers who do not stop killing is saving lives.

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