The reason CIA mind control FIRM blocked all media report on CIA torture and killing experiments on former CIA trainees by only allowing them to record video and put their video on the website is because CIA can block the spreading of the secrets effectively, as long as there is no main stream media massive report (every media continuous report).


Most CIA employees (over 80%) still do not know remote surgery technology, which was used to damage their brain when they were sleeping. People can’t feel being mind controlled unless someone else remind them and they have to have a very sensitive personality. Many sensitive people were killed by CIA in order to hide secrets. To hide secrets, people who know what is going on are also going to be killed by the FIRM technical evil boss, who on purpose does not allow exposure of the two secret technologies (Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control) in American main stream media.


There are 3 groups of people among CIA mind control FIRM technical staffs: (1) The boss group; (2) The group of genetic morons, who do not believe they will be killed after being used as many CIA scientists. (3) The group of man-made morons, whose brain damages can be observed by testing.


Most technical staffs belong to the third type. There are a few in the second group who are helping to program the third type. The second group people thought they are in the boss group. They are genetically flawed as they can’t generalize the rule of nature, such as “everyone is consistent” “Evil is vicious to everyone.”. When they found they were not in the boss group, they may already lost the chance of doing anything to keep themselves alive.


In the Movie starred by Judy Foster, the CIA mind control FIRM boss carried a small box and said to Judy “Could you keep this box for me?”. Of course, everyone else who knows the secrets was already killed. They choose Judy Foster is because there are many female employees working in that mind control FIRM, pretending the boss has special feeling on that one. How old is the English woman?


Systematic killings using remote surgery (focused electromagnetic energy) started at least before early 70’s. The death of President Johnson and the death of CIA mind control scientist Dr. Cameron might be related to it. Working inside CIA, you should know what is the basic survival skill for CIA— deleting competitors. They were trained to do that. They were also encouraged to do that, so that way they all line up obediently waiting to be killed by the boss after they lost their USEFULNESS.


Today, most CIA human-robots still did not understand. There is no game. It is only about killing themselves while the technical boss is enjoying the feelings of being successful. And more and more people who know secrets are being killed day by day. Although the number of technical human robots is limited, they definitely out-numbered the technical boss. The only problem is if they believe the rule of nature : everyone is consistent. The boss can kill other people for hiding secrets. He would definitely kill them one day or another.


Killing me is to hide secrets. The same purpose will kill you who know more secrets than me.

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