The President of China is in the United States for a week. No matter their characters, the United States and China cannot agree on enough ways to govern to negate a formidable opposition with each other.

Let's embarrass our country that can't protect its citizens from the worst tortures that have ever been devised by humans, the hijacking of the human spirit and attempted death of the hope we represent for life, with an appeal. If we all go to Chinese Embassies across the country and inquire whether they know about the abuses of electronic weapons and computer brain interfaces and if they can protect their citizens from them, there will be enough interest to report it to the Chinese public and to the ears of the Chinese President. They will all be made aware of the United State's shame.

They SHOULD throw that in our government's face if we are infested with sick experiments that turn our youth against us like Pol Pot did with his country, or organize our intelligence agencies to act as a Nazi SS. We need pressure like that to reform. We are the Bad Guys now.

Let's inquire about political asylum We all know we have suffered enough to find it appealing. Most of us have been fighting torture long enough to equal the endurance of any CIA agent or special forces training and still we don't even think of committing the unjust atrocities they do for their insipid reasons.

We are the heroes. It's time they faced the shame they deserve with mass demonstrations like this one.

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