WARNING TO ALL
  news to all,,the new earth magnets that I have been telling people to have close and to wear to help with the mind control.
  I have learned that it is not good to have them close as you the manufacturs warning that they pull the iron in the blood,I do not think they bother any one while they are active,but lying still while sleeping they can pull the iron into close proximity and can cause stroke do not sleep with it on you ,I still have a strong one by my bed and will keep it there,but not withing a foot of me. 

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  • ok thanks. what type of magnet is good to use? They have gausse or strength ratings like it picks up 20 pounds. Please tell me any type of directions. I heard about a guy that used a strong magnet on make shift eyeglasses so the magnet was over the third eye. Her used it 30 minutes daily and after 1 month there was increased pineal gland activity. There is a substance in the nasal cavity pertaining to magnetics and when there are solar storms, some people get lucid dreams. I wonder if 'we all ' were chosen due to having higher EM body energy or what other factors had made us get chosen for torture programs. Maybe we all have something in common. take care ron
  • strong magnets helps me I am also wearing magnet jewelry, that helps me much, sometimes the satellites loose me
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