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Poor Surveillance Information – Wrongful Microchip Action  

A Collateral Damage example when surveillance information is either wrong or mis-interpreted/faulty analysis leading to the destruction of innocent lives.

Main Part of Microchip (clandestinely inserted with drugging and assault 2005) Fully removed from the upper right ear of Capt. Gary Kassbaum M.M. by a plastic surgeon, registered with The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, 16 August 2012,  Albany Clinic, matches the U.S. patent.

U.S. Patent No. 6,205,361 microchip- “implantable expandable multi-contact electrodes”


Security Agency Premise To Establish A False Positive - “You Crossed The Line” or “He or She Crossed The Line” ( At this point is it even reasonable suspicion ? ) – based on how information is interpreted by what is heard, less the physical environmental context and analyzed with or without a ‘teamwork ‘ environment and depending on the decision maker’s life conditioning.

Analysis  -  “Crossing The Line “ – What does it mean? No court in the world will adjudicate the term ‘crossing the line’ scenario without clear evidence that something happened which was against the law  unless the host country is a dictatorship. Without evidence of being a ‘threat’, it is otherwise a vague and innocuous assertion for zealous employees of a security organization to react to.  

Enactor(s) – Persons in authority monitoring surveillance that have the power to initiate action against an individual, possibly based solely on a poorly sourced ‘threat premise’ of who, where, why, when, how and what.

Slippery Slope Decisions may be made based on the following seven (7) criteria....especially if there are too few actual cases of substance to warrant a burgeoning security agency with above average salaries:

  1. reasonable suspicion (not probable cause)

  2. unreasonable suspicion (tainted 2nd and 3rd party),

  3. hearsay information supporting a pre-disposed bias depending on the enactors conditioning,

  4. their own psychological triggering mechanisms undermining the need for restraint in the face of having a possible convenient ‘test’ case, possibly for ‘guinea pig’ practice,

  5. the mis-interpretation of the information presented about a subject after the information has passed various levels of scrutineers and departments before reaching an enactor,

  6. clearly ‘wrong’ but ‘supposedly’ substantiated information,

  7. A ‘hidden agenda’ that the rest of the department is unaware of.


Case In Point:  Chronological Sequence Events to Capt. Gary Kassbaum M.M., Senior Regional Marine Investigator, Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) - Great Lakes , Seaway and Arctic ....worked 21.5 years before being forced into retirement; 04 January 2012, with no work performance issues.


2005, 18-19 September  While working on behalf of the Government of Canada, Capt. Gary Kassbaum , during the night and prior to attending a high-tech marine conference in Washington DC, was drugged (suspect rohypnol in beer), assaulted and micro-chipped at the Courtyard Garden Hilton Hotel, Arlington VA, leaving him with great knee pain, even to the present – he did not know at that time that he had also been micro-chipped.( back in Toronto, his right ear was examined by Dr. A. Lang  who attributed an enlarged cartilage but not chronditis as it was not painful to the touch) nor had Gary any auto-immune diseases or Hepatitis C and was otherwise in perfect health. It is suspected that mis-information from a person from within a Canadian authoritative agency- was acted upon by persons in the US.....amplifies the need for ‘scrubbing and sanitizing ‘ evidence and verifying ‘probable cause evidence’  NOT ‘reasonable suspicion’ from surveillance. Capt. Gary Kassbaum had no mis-demeanors,  felony’s or indictable offenses and a clean driving record with twenty-one(21) years of loyal service to the Government of Canada.

2005, 2 weeks later, while visiting TSB HQ from Toronto, Gary , aware that he had suffered an unusual experience, exclaimed to his boss Capt. Eric Snow, the preceding circumstances. Capt. Snow cautioned him not to talk about his experience for fear of “what others might think”. Out of high respect for Capt. Snow; Capt. Gary Kassbaum resigned himself to his work, position and function but fearful and disillusioned about the reaction by the TSB and the inaction for follow-up.

2008, 12 December Gatineau City Hall Gym,  Gary was struck with a hard basketball to the right ear, splitting the right ear at the same location where a thickening (attributed initially by a Dr. A. Lang to be a growing cartilage mass) and discovered a small ceramic looking piece sticking out of his ear. He removed this piece and bandaged the ear.

2008 13 December After driving back to Toronto from Gatineau-Ottawa, Gary went to the Emergency Dept of Queensway General Hospital (Trillium Centre-Sherway) for treatment to his ear. After explaining to the intern the circumstances , the intern scheduled him for an X-ray (fortunately - as the metallic object discovered later; under an MRI would have blown apart the upper ‘helix fossa’ area of his right ear and disfiguring him or worse.

The X-ray technician, after 20 minutes came out to the empty waiting area and said that there was a metallic object in his upper right ear. This was changed on the intern’s report later as a ‘foreign object’ and then changed to ‘chronditis’ (chronditis was later disproved). While waiting Gary noticed the approach of two men who commenced a discussion with the intern, the X-ray  technician and attending nurse conferencing out of audible range of Gary - unusual but visible further down the hall from the waiting area. This would not have been exceptional except for the fact that Capt. Gary Kassbaum was the only person in the waiting area of this section of the hospital at that time.

2008 18 December – At Queensway General Hospital , a re-examination by a hand  plastic surgeon, Dr. Margaliot questioned Garys’s information written on the interns report. He didn’t examine his right ear and after getting some information wondered why he would even think that there might be a ‘microchip’ and then questioned his mental stability. Gary explained the X-ray technician’s comment of 13 December regarding the metallic image and also questioned why the doctor did not have the X-ray negative for this important meeting. The young doctor did not respond to this but appeared red-faced. Gary’s witness , A Fellow of The Canadian Inst. Of Bankers, Ms. Sylvia Payne, gave a sworn affidavit as to the conduct of the doctor– and was shocked. The doctor in the 17 minute session did not examine the ear but simply stated that it was most likely ‘chronditis’. ( In 2012 despite paying $52 for an ATIP( Access to Information) X-ray report – the X-ray negative remains missing or lost )

2008 27 December – at Bethesda Osteopathic Clinic, Toronto, Ontario, Dr. Dennis Cecil Robinson removed a very thin projecting metallic filament from the Upper Helix Fossa damaged area of Gary’s right ear and provided a full report with photos. The item in the glass jar is in the folded position and is a  22-23mm long wire piece and suspected to be copper-titanium in composition. Very strangely no gushing blood ensued upon extraction – the explanation is in his report and with a sworn affidavit.


Figure 1  Microchip Wire Est L- 22x3 = 66 mm tot length,  removed 27 Dec 2008 from a discernible mass, Upper Helix Fossa  right ear Capt. Gary Kassbaum.


2009 February   At TSB HQ after explaining the circumstances and looking for responsive action from a relatively new TSB Marine manager;  Mr. Ken Potter via RCMP, CSIS ( didn’t know about CSEC at this time). Without hesitation or further inquiry, he scheduled Gary for repetitive mental health assessments; six times for over the next 2.5 years with the proviso that if you do not , it would be grounds for dismissal;  each time Gary was found ‘Fit For Work’ but with the caveat “not to talk about the 2005 microchip incident” in Arlington VA. In March 2009, Gary asked for three Independent mental health assessments by an esteemed psychiatrist in Toronto who found Gary to be “above average intelligence”- this had no effect on Health Canada’s Director of Mental Health Dr. Jeffrey Chernin, the overseer of the assessments by different subordinate psychiatrists. Coincidently, a Dr. Peter Chernin sits on the Board of Verichip Corp Washington-Daytona. (Maybe they don’t know each other) and the caveat for not being delusional was not mentioning the ‘alleged’ 2005 incident in Washington/Arlington VA.

2012 January , Capt. Gary Kassbaum M.M. was forced to retire after 21.5 years of Loyal Service to the Government of Canada , with absolutely no work performance issues and had also received citations for work excellence. The forced retirement was due to the fact that Health Canada continued to attribute to him being ‘delusional’ about his belief of being micro-chipped; the technical term “he didn’t meet Category III level ”. Nobody definitively knows what ‘Category III Level’ means; not one of the psychiatrists could give a clear explanation.

2012  16 August  - Albany Medical Clinic, 807 Broadview Ave. Toronto , a plastic surgeon, Dr. El Sheihh, removed the remaining tissue from the right ear of Capt. Gary Kassbaum from where Dr. Cecil Robinson in Dec 2008 had previously removed the wire filament (Figure 1.) It was definitely not chronditis or simply cartilage. It was photographed and measured and appeared to have attached somewhat to human tissue and after analysis it was amazingly to be determined to be part of the whole microchip; very ingeneously hermetically sealed and engineered to resemble human tissue by ‘silicone chip stacking’ and hermetically sealed in a protein based substance also capable of attaching to human tissue. This matches and is identical to the microchip extracted from Mr. Larson in the Larson Report, however this microchip was in Gary’s ear for 7 years. The metallic filament removed by Dr. Robinson 27 Dec 2008 was part of the transmit/receive mechanism of this remaining microchip.

Figure 2 16 August 2012 removed microchip envelope( 3 distinct sections tapering to a point) is part of microchip function mechanism minus the metallic filament removed 27 Dec 2008, Bethesda Clinic -  U.S. Patent No. 6,205,361 microchip – looks like human tissue


U.S. Patent No. 6,205,361 microchip- “implantable expandable multi-contact electrodes” incorporating silicone chip stacking circuitry– this remained in Capt. Gary Kassbaum’s ear for 7 years; not rejected by the immune system and some compatible attaching to human tissue due to the device being sealed in a protein-based substance and hermetically sealed prior to injection with a syringe. It has 3 distinct defined areas and tapers to one section at the end of a semi-flexible substrate and utilizes a wire perimeter for support; this wire –suspect copper- titanium( transmit/receive) was removed by the Osteopath at Bethesda Clinic 27 December 2008; the main part of the microchip removed 16 August 2012, Albany Clinic.

Most microchips are almost invisible to the eye. This syringe implantable, multi-functional trackable microchip, with a carrier base frequency of 200Mhz, and having external and internal activation of micro-capacitors and diodes has an optimal tracking range of 36 km or approximately 22 mi. It can be implanted under the skin; scalp, ear, lower back etc.

The silicone circuitry chips of this device; glued back-to-back for the ‘chip stacking’ assembly are micro-wire secured. Despite being hermetically sealed in a protein based immune system tolerant substance, it will leak small trace amounts of arsenic into surrounding human tissue. The human tissue surrounding the microchip is also proven to be more susceptible to formation of cancerous cells because of microwave energy.

This US Pat. No. 6205361 microchip was manufactured at Advanced Bionics, Ca., inventor Alfred Mann and Gerald Loeb.....most likely sold to Verichip Corp who have a vast array of chip types and a huge inventory....most likely counting on future political/economic events to arise. Hypothetically vast fortunes would be lost if the workings of the microchips became public. With $billions at stake, suspected non-lethal harassment is performed agains’t victimized persons who became aware at some point, as I was. Their lives are disrupted and eventually the psychiatric route silences them

The inherent risks are thus apparent and innocent or targeted victims may suffer unknowingly. The perpetrators will remain anonymous and carry out their target surveillance “as a matter of course” either clandestinely or in a ‘stalking mode’. If the recipient discovers such ‘hidden pressure’ it becomes a conundrum for revealing such activity without ‘proof’ and proof being difficult to attain often targets the individual for the psychiatric and psychological pitfalls or traps the perpetrators have in mind to help cover their tracks.

Gary’s witness to the microchip removal , Mr. David Ayling died very quickly in a Toronto Hospital on 13 March 2014; he was playing tennis for 11/2 hrs before going into Sunnybrook Hospital complaining of headaches and three weeks later after admission was dead. It is suspected a psychotronic weapon was clandestinely targeting his head resulting in a rapid brain tumor. The State of Michigan has strict laws regarding the use of these lethal palm size-hand held devices. They can be bought on the internet for a price starting at around $500.

18-19 September 2005  Knee Assault (Dr. Cecil Robinson used a laser side-scan which shows the needle traces crossing each other below the dermis and epidermis (thus man-made)- suspect either a strong acid or base injected into the knee..... Purpose ? inflict diversionary pain. The knee pain caused muscle and knee joint distortion and lasting pain even until today.

This was done while Capt. Gary Kassbaum remained unconscious from the action of ; most likely rohypnol for creating initial consciousness loss and followed by wafting ether vapours over the nose/mouth of Gary. Ether vapours typically leaves the recipient with a strong headache; which is what Gary suffered when regaining consciousness on the morning of 19 September 2005.

The reason for the painful knee assault was most likely  to divert any attention that the micro-chipping of the upper right ear (Helix Fossa) might have revealed, except that on the 2nd morning small blood specs were noticed on the pillow of the bed Gary used.

Knee 03-04-2007 knee perforation marks.JPG

Figure 3 Left Knee Perforation 19 Sept 2005 – Photo taken 03 April 2007 - Bleeding continued off and on for 6 weeks , not a snake, scorpion, spider bite or freckles.

IMG_6007 Knee Perforations, did not stop bleeding for several weeks.JPG

Figure 4 Left Knee Perforation Marks remaining on 10 November 2013- Suspect that it is permanent. MRI East York General Hospital 2009 revealed massive internal damage in left knee

Capt. Gary Kassbaum  woke up 19th Sept 2005 waking up flat on his back,  still wearing  his previous nights shorts, T-shirt and running shoes. He usually wakes up from sleeping on either side, the left or right side of his body . This was  unusual .

Normally Gary took a shower before retiring to bed. He was watching Jay Leno  at 1215 AM 19 Sept 2005 when the room appeared to start revolving  and intended to briefly lay down prior to retiring for the night.  The next thing he knew it was morning, waking up with a strong headache. Gary never had headaches in his life.

When Gary moved his left knee , he suddenly suffered excrutiating pain. He then noticed two perforation marks at his knee with very slight bleeding , which subsequently  formed a scab over each perforation. Within a day or so the scab would fall off and this process repeated itself  over the next three weeks.  The  left knee perforations ; above photo 2007, were much the same as at the time of discovery except they were a  little darker and  redder in colour when  first discovered on the morning of 19 September 2005.

The MRI of the interior of the left knee, taken at these marks at Toronto East General Hospital on 20 August 2009 shows substantial  degeneration termed ‘chronic’ , yet there is no similar type of joint damage anywhere else in Capt. Gary Kassbaum’s physiology. The damage simply ‘mimics’ chronic damage. The relationship between the marks and the painful  internal damage are more than coincidental. Gary was bewildered by the circumstances to this point.

With extreme hardship he managed to get dressed ; went to a drug store near the three star Courtyard Garden Hilton Hotel in Arlington VA and purchased multiple pain killers. He then proceeded to  attend  a three day marine conference at the Washington Marriot Hotel, hosted by the American Marine Technical Society of which Capt. Gary Kassbaum was also a member.

The second day morning of the conference; Gary noticed small blood specs on his pillow at the hotel.  Checking around his head he found small blood encrustation behind the upper right ear lobe and as he touched it there was minute blood. At first Gary suspected some sort of reptile which had come back for a second feeding. After checking the room and finding nothing,  Gary was extremely  concerned about the circumstances and all the events which had taken place so far; needless to say he felt threatened, but from what?

It is understood that to make Canada’s Security Agencies better adept to protecting Canadians, the legal constraints within the justice system must be adhered to, at least covertly, without revealing the modus operandi of the agency – otherwise what’s the point of maintaining secrecy.  

However, whenever collateral damage has been done there needs to be restitution and compensation to Capt. Gary Kassbaum, the innocent victim of an accidental/deliberate targeting resulting in physical impairment with lasting knee pain (9 yrs) and insertion of a microchip for tracking purposes. In Gary’s case this initially was a tortuous pain for almost two years.

The family was thrust into chaos; there were lost financial losses and lost opportunities with Gary’s patented inventions, there was character assassination with deleterious mental attributes attached and spread around the Ottawa-Gatineau region and thus created jovial cocktail gossip and dramatically increased the ‘egometer settings’ of the ‘spreaders’ his new boss enjoying being a ‘social butterfly’ about the Toronto Senior Investigator ‘who lost it’.

Meanwhile another person’s professional life and career has been flushed down the toilet. Nothing could be further from the truth about the life, work and accomplishments of Capt. Gary Kassbaum.

Testimonials re-affirm professional associate’s and other Canadian Government Agencies viewpoints of Capt. Gary Kassbaum.

The checks and balances within our justice system are definitely missing within secretive agencies ‘modus operandi’ at present.

It also recommended the Attorney-General’s department review oversight arrangements to ensure effective accountability. 

“These intrusive powers must always be balanced by appropriate safeguards for the privacy of individuals and the community recognising that Canada is a democratic nation which values personal freedom, civil rights and liberties.

When you give compensation you don't have to reveal the modus operandi of the surveillance organization in the least This aspect of ‘transparency’ will go a long way to get public support. This ‘horrible and painful experience by Capt Gary Kassbaum will not be left ‘unattended’ as long as it remains being ignored by the Government of Canada and it will fester and grow.


G-D Bless our Rights and Freedoms and Liberties

Respectfully Yours;


Capt. Gary Kassbaum M.M.   647-853-4552



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