Tell the whole world to remember the victims inside and outside Mafia tycoon family controlled CIA mind control FIRM for 30 years

  • ·Everyday, how many innocent people are being killed by EM (electromagnetic) weapon caused cancer, heart attack and other diseases?

(Former FBI senior officer Ted Gunderson and psychiatric therapist Valerie Wolfe who helped CIA trainees to testify CIA EM remote mind control experiment on American children both died of cancer. CIA scientist, Dr. Fred Bell was killed by heart attack on the way to an interview on secret projects in 2011,)

  • ·Everyday, how many are being killed by EM weapon made sleep walker terrorist, war, aircraft accident, marine accident, man-made earthquake and other man-made disasters?
  • ·Everyday, how many children are being turned into moron robots by focused electromagnetic remote brain surgery? (These children and youngsters are weak in logic thinking, not sensitive, with bad memory and high self esteem.) 
  • ·When could mainstream newspaper report my 5-year  weekly protest in front of the American Consulate in HK against being used as a remote experimental target by tycoon family controlled mind control FIRM? When could mainstream newspaper publish my articles and Open letter to President Obama on EM remote surgery and remote mind control weapon controlled by a tycoon family and report the 2 EM technologies continuously for over 6 months to prevent media report being blocked by EM weapon once again?

Please help to do 3 things for us who might have been killed or turned into sleep walker like robots when the CIA electromagnetic remote surgery and remote mind control secrets being exposed,: [1] Same surgeries on those who enabled electromagnetic remote surgeries on innocent people, especially those who made decisions. [2] Build memorial buildings in every country to memorize the heroes killed or disabled due to exposing the secrets. [3] Use numbers to replace names of bad people to discourage doing bad things to leave names in history.(e.g. Evil 123 in the 2nd World War to replace Hitler; Evil 001 in EM weapon crisis to replace Rockefeller if Rockefeller family was really the controller of the mind control FIRM.)

Dr. Annie Yan XU (PhD)  Tel: (852) 27666572 (O)/ 27742824 (H)

Hearing on CIA EM experiments on  children March 15,1995

Born in 1965, grew up in Beijing Tsinghua University. Working in Dept. of ISE, the HK Polytechnic University since 1998 (Pls repeat this announcement until the whole world know the EM Remote surgery and Remote Mind Control. Be careful CIA used a fake me to contact others)

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