• This is interesting (about Australia), because my mother became one of my main psychological tormenters.  She is a Christian - a 76 year old black woman.  She  suddenly became friends with an Australian online right before I moved into her city, where I am being tormented mercilessly, and she now watches football (soccer), ...things she never did before.  In fact,   my mother has talked about Australia a whole lot and it never made much sense, but I know that my mother was being brain mapped and having different things done to her when I was a child.  The next thing my mother said to me was that she had met someone who claimed to be Anglican which, I believe also might be connected to Australia as well as England.  One thing is for certain.  It is that some factions in Australia are watching...with interest.  (My daughter went to Australia in a school program during her high school years.  She was secretly nominated by someone)  When she returned, her personality was changed.  My other daughter was away at college at the time. I had implants added to my ears at that time (I know this now, because I know that the clicking sounds in my ears have increased)  I also began to have problems with sleep.  Tee
    VM said:

    Ramiz, You can likely go anywhere in the world and still be targeted. If it changes when you move, that is only because they are trying to deceive you. I feel it is a rogue government attacking us, or it could be just a covert war between several governments who have the technology. I believe the technology came from the Nazis, and so several governments likely have it since WWII, though the technology has likely improved over time. In my opinion, it is Australia who is doing this to everyone. I know this seems like an unlikely perpetrator, but the Australians have a hidden pathological envy and sociopathy that likely stems from their criminal ancestry. 

    Some might point to the Russians, but I feel the Russians don't have the same kind of envy due to having their own achievements, innovations and power in the world, which Australia doesn't have. So I feel Australia seeks to tear others down, and take away what others have. They do this in many ways other than the kind of targeting we receive -- they don't "speak" to most people and make them aware. They can "attack" many people in this way by various means.

  • To everyone, I know we are all very frustrated at being targeted. This is truly an evil thing to do to people. And it is quite a terrible feeling knowing something so criminal happening and being unable to get help. I like to think everyone in the world isn't bad (that bad at least). although I do think the malicious users of this technology have gotten to many people's minds unfortunately. 

    At the same time, I think we have to think about all possibilities. For example, if this technology uses radio waves, this might be extremely difficult to trace. And perhaps the governments who have this technology can jam the signals around where they are using this technology. such that they might go undetected if they are negatively targeting civilians.

    So perhaps a government knows something bad is happening to their citizens, but they can't determine who is doing it. And they were likely using it for security purposes, so they don't necessarily want to expose it to those who don't have it. What if a country has other enemies who don't have the technology, and who, if they were to obtain it, would possibly also attack its citizens? Exposing the technology could also upset citizens even if it were being used only for security monitoring purposes. What do they do?

  • "What does this have to do with mind control technology, energy weapons, etc? These industries are commercial (depending on your country's healthcare)"

    look your trying to make me answer one question directly with out showing the bigger picture and the past history and how this is standard practise....then YOU use vague argument about good/bad goverments taxes and citzens to try to dismis it  ..sorry you can`t have it both ways

    the military industrial complex  is a commercial as well ....they make weapons to sell to governments 

      now when i say goverment agency/millitray/industry complex  then is a grey area and does not mean every one in these are involved because of departmentalization only a few people would need to knowthe full extent of what was happning ...

    now I tired of this as its going nowhere and wasting my time

    your "goverment" would not target there own citzens because they not get tax is bollocks as very few people are targeted

    a better argument would be how much tax payers money has been spent of given these c**ts the ability to target people weather they target thier own citzens or anothers countrys  ...probadly billions

  • deca said:

    "Deca, A government can't pay contractors and build a military without tax dollars, which come from its citizens."

    have you not heard of AI and automation taking peoples jobs and the goverment thinking of the universal basic income system as there will be not many jobs and wages to go around

    This will never happen. If everyone is getting the same thing, there is no reason to work for anything. No reason to innovate, no reason to strive for any goal. 

    And in this circumstance of reduced tax income, how will the government build militaries and pay contractors?

  • "Deca, A government can't pay contractors and build a military without tax dollars, which come from its citizens."

    have you not heard of AI and automation taking peoples jobs and the goverment thinking of the universal basic income system as there will be not many jobs and wages to go around

  • VM this is so well described. You are so eloquent at writing and explaining.

    VM said:


    You said: .....but when you actually look at it it far more likely easier to manipulate the victim rather than a stranger

    We are all victims. We are all on "the system." The stranger is also manipulated like us, but certain people (Tis) have been made aware of something they weren't aware of before. The others (strangers and non "Tis") are "watched", have their data collected, and are likely manipulated in a covert way through thoughts and various means. They just haven't been made aware of the technology.

    Also: randomly "beam" somebody to think/do something so a victim saw them or had a negativity interaction with them ...would be rather risky and probably could not be certain of the reaction they would have if it was a complete stranger

    I think you might be taking the term "gangstalking" too literally. The behaviors the "gang stalkers" seem to exhibit could be seen as not that out of the ordinary to each individual being manipulated around a "TI". In other words, they are likely unaware of being coordinated with others, and perhaps some negative or weird behaviors towards others are normal for them. Some people in this world aren't always that nice, and their behavior could be seen by them as something other than what it appears.

    It's not risky because the other person (likely not "TI" or made aware of the technology) doesn't distinguish the thought as separate from themselves. The people doing this have data on everyone, and know what kind of thoughts or intentions they can put in someone without it seeming abnormal. But even if the thought or intention was slightly out of the ordinary for a person, that person would never guess it was coming from someone else (through this technology). The thought or intention is in their brain and seems like their own thoughts. Before you became a TI, you likely had no idea about it. And you probably still don't realize all they can do. They put thoughts in your brain even as a TI that you don't recognize as not your own.

    And: Yes but they have to understand how your mind works first (TI are normal in the process/program for a while )....doing this to a complete stranger is very unlikely and just for the purpose of making the TI feel bad etc. ...does not make any sense

    The people doing this already understand how everyone's mind works because we all (not just 'TIs") have been "in the system" since birth. And I do think they do it for the purpose of making people feel bad or scared, of dividing us, of getting people to spread the wrong information, and more. I don't know exactly why certain people are made aware, but I feel the whole object of the negative government is to tear down a country through it's citizens. And they can do this without the citizens being aware, or they can make certain people aware, like "Tis".

    Are you a particularly successful person? Are you a very positive and "good" person who has good self awareness and a mind of your own? If so, they might have a harder time manipulating your thoughts into that of a more negative person, and therefore, doing things that are bad for your job, community or society. And if you are a particularly good person and a leader, they may want to try to isolate you to if they couldn't affect you any other way. Are you particularly healthy and don't often go to the doctor even when sick? They seem to try to put a drain on countries either through increasing healthcare costs in various ways, and also possibly attacking businesses or particular foods by making people ill periodically. And they seem to just want to put a drain on a country by making people lose their jobs, etc. They attempt to do various things in order to divide us, turn us agains each other, make people be negative and do negative things, make us ill, make us less successful, etc in order to take away our collective power. 

  • I dont get v2k VM. I think the frequency differs for individuals.

    VM said:

    Question - do the people targeting you talk to you all the time? How frequently do they speak to you?

  • so are you implying that what TI`s go throw  is not a traumatic experience

    and that would alter change your demeanor?

    then that could change how people reacted to you ?

    do you think you are some static being ...the same before as after you were targeted ...and your behaviour/body language does not effect how others view and treat you ???


    Alels said:

    Deca, again psychology? 

    Go to hospital and ask for help then

  • right here is my alternative explanation

    first i assume when you walk about you also are scanning for any suspiscious behavior way up people to see if they are "perps" or not ....also you may have the Thousand-yard_stare

    The thousand-yard stare or two-thousand-yard stare is a phrase often used to describe the blank, unfocused gaze of soldiers who have become emotionally detached from the horrors around them. It is also sometimes used more generally to describe the look of dissociation among victims of other types of trauma.


    "Make the craziest face you can possibly make at that moment. Scare them off, you lunatic. They won’t know what to do, but I can guarantee that their eyes will roam elsewhere. That, or they’ll keep their eyes shut for days. This will be especially funny if you make eye contact while creating your monstrous facial expression."

    hassanmcv said:

    when I see dozen of different people sticking their tongues out to me in a lapse of time of 5 mn as walking in the avenue, yes there s something wrong, deca ...this day it was at least more than 30 people who did that in only one hour then I went back home...ok this is not a proof because I didn't make pics of that crazy thing but it was real, ...And it was not the first time this happened to me, with other strange things so I tried my best to stay zen ....was rather easy this day because they were so much people doing this that it was ridiculous that I was laughing in my mind(after been a little nervous at the beginingbut after few minutes and few effort to stay patient was lauighing in my mind yes and even more while singing in my mind the song "who let s the dogs out" (do you know this song? it s a funny song  so I laughed more) I know what I saw I m not blind nor stupid., my eyes were wide open , deca.....but oh yes you can say maybe they have been mind controlled too to do this strange thing as I was passing by the you want some other examples?

    deca said:

    "last thing street theater is real also, at least to me, but you have the right to have your opinion about that"

    yes TI`s do percive things like "street theater" ...and other things like "gangstalking" ...

    but does it happen how TI`s perciveit or believe it does ? 

    yes .....whats the evidence ? very little .....and when investigated dodgy PI`s have been linked to intimidating & harrasing victims ...but there not much objective evidence nor independent support ...

    so there something wrong

    NO... then what is causing TI`s the percive& believe they are .....

    er maybe the mind control technology that is designed to mess up there ability to function and process stimuli

    psylogical impact .. truama,stress, sleep deprivation,hyper vigilance  (can effect you and also make you easiliy startled and irratable )

    exposure to EMF makes you feel uneasy /watched

    social consqences control , stigma ,anti social behaviour 

    so plenty of things to support my postion ok 

    also if you understand that you had your perception skewed and you hold false beliefs because of it then you are not actual delusional are you

    A delusion is a firm and fixed belief based on inadequate grounds not amenable to rational argument or evidence to contrary, not in sync with regional, cultural and educational background. As a pathology, it is distinct from a belief based on false or incomplete information, confabulation, dogma, illusion, or some other misleading effects of perception.

    hassanmcv said:

    because I didn't see it on another post... if he's been pretty rude on this thread already it was because you started...but here don't you think you have been a little bit far?

    I can't go after each quarrels, insult because some people are not agree with eachother...

    it s ok, let's close this.

    last thing street theater is real also, at least to me, but you have the right to have your opinion about that

    deca said:

    I think you find that Alels was very rude to me the other day in another post and you did not say anything hes been pretty rude a couple of times on thread  already ...

    hassanmcv said:

    Ok Deca…What I wanted to tell is you have been a little too far when you said to Alels : « Alels you are describing what sounds like schizophrenia, not actual v2k/synthetic telepathy « I mean in the the way you said it. It was rude.

  • If you look at PTSD treatment

    “a licensed therapist will coach a group of patients who have undergone similar traumatic experiences to help them learn coping mechanisms in a safe and non-judgmental environment. “

    A) things is peace pink is not a “ safe and non-judgmental environment” its an open forum on the internet

    B) people on here are not licensed therapist or trained don't know the back ground or motive of the people on here you don't know if their “coping mechanisms” actually work or going to make your situation worse

    just look at some of the post that actually makes your situation worse and are common on here ….” yeah the people around you are mind controlled , to do things to you” …..”your family are all perps “ etc .

    So yes you do need to tell your story to get it out of your system in a non-judgmental environment. and to start to come to terms with it and to learn coping mechanisms ….but really its the start of a healing process rather than testimony you use in court were you gone throw the healing process and then put together a proper case backed up by facts and evidence

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