Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Please read my website. I have document some of the symptoms that people have who are victims of mind control:

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Javier, While certainly there have been seriously misguided and unethical experiments on humans, it often appears to be attempting to find some kind of solutions to issues being faced. Let me be clear, I AM NOT condoning or excusing any of this. But what would your own government gain from targeting you in this way? If they can see into the minds of the entire world, which they can, they can likely see many people being tortured somewhere in the world without having to do it themselves, wouldn't you agree? Why would they be so foolish to make you aware of them? They can do a lot to torture you without you ever knowing. And why would they want you to lose your job and become a drain on the system? What solution are they looking for? If you think it is anti-terrorism, why would they try to make everyone so angry, and upset? That seems like it would fuel something like terrorism, which they don't want. And why would they pick a lot of very "nice" people? To see if they would become terrorists? That's ridiculous. They have years of data on terrorists' minds. They know the kind of people who can become terrorists. What is the point? What solution are they looking for?

Any of the experimentation cited that occurred after WWII could have been sabotaged by another government with this technology. For example, in operation sea spray, the bacteria was considered harmless, but people got "pneumonia-like illnesses;" however, a causal relation wasn't conclusively established. Isn't it possible another government could have used the energy weapons to simulate pneumonia like illnesses, or even knowing about the test via the mind reading / control technology, could have physically spread pneumonia as a sabotage?

Okay, so now I see that VM is not responding to any of my posts either, which leads me to believe a game is being played here by perps, one telling another how inherently good he is, another trying to squash any theory that their own governments are involved. Well, Dr Duncan, Karen Melton Stewart any many others totally say the opposite. There are so many perps on Peacepink, that is why I left this group. You have made it blatantly obvious that many of you on this post are trying to redirect everyone away from the truth with all sorts of theories, with your main aim to hijack this post steer everyone in the direction of seeing these terrorists as serving a possible higher all completely ignored my comment about babies and children being raped, tortured and murdered, which says everything about you. Oh, and Carl, I wasn't asking your opinion on anything either.
Sandy .....Thank you very much for talking to me I really appreciated.... I have so much bad experiences with this perps I’ve gone through hell and back ....They hurt me to the point where Tears kept dropping without no explanation... they hit my private parts and squeeze them what do you think of that .....That’s. Hate crime ....I can not sit at home and say he is bad and he is doing this to me and sit at home and get scared and blame the whole and say well the whole world it’s messed up ....I am sick and tired of thinking negative......we have to get back to our life’s somehow we have to go and get jobs even though they are hurting us and sending pain and control our mind we still have to try and try and keep trying some more instead of sitting at home and saying well they are hurting and I can’t do anything ....Belive me I am with some of these guys they are bunch of scumbags piece of Sh***t and I get but we have to be one step ahead of them somehow by being positive and thinking differently and being smart about things that’s happening around us I am with a 10000% I go through hell with every day ....But I can’t and I won’t sit there and take punches from left to right we have to fight I mean fight for your own life and get get back in have to keep trying no matter what stand up and tell them Go and F***k Yourself .... We have no other help this is it The TI community and this is where I turn in to feed myself because no one understands us except the TI community.....

Warm wishes


God's Grace, I'm sorry you feel this way. That isn't true. I've replied to you before, haven't you seen it? Just because I might disagree with what you believe, doesn't mean I am someone trying to influence Tis negatively in the wrong direction. Why would I waste my time doing that? I obviously wouldn't even know about it unless it was happening to me. And there is no other reason for me to be here other than to try to help and get help. I'm not making money off of any of this like some people (I'm not referring to you).

And you also don't seem to be reading my posts correctly. I am talking about a ROGUE government or a covert WAR. These things, ROGUE governments and WAR, are not what anyone would consider a higher purpose. We are at WAR, and civilians the unwitting "soldiers" of a war of which they are unaware. How is that good or a higher purpose?

If you were all on the right track, it seems to me you might have gotten somewhere by now. Please understand that I just want to help the people this is being done to, which includes me.

VM and Ramiz, I was around when Peacepink first started and was very involved, the people who run this website and some of the older members know me well on this site, so I haven't just landed on this page and secondly, no genuine TI spends all their research time here only, there is so much good information out there that is not being mentioned here at all, more like fear mongering. Ramiz, I can totally believe you mix with these guys, the question is, why? Why are you so certain it will never end, what research has brought you to this ungodly conclusion?
VM, no, I haven't seen a single reply from you

God's Grace............Thank you very much and I love your post and I think you been awesome and I am not ignoring you or any of you  I am a Christian man and I love the TI community dearly....If I tell you what I go through every day with  theses Scumbags you would say how do you take all that ...I agree with you they are the worst kind I just want to try to move on and just keep thinking positive and press and keep pressing and go back to life yeah they hurt us I get that but WE can't sit at home and go crazy we can't win ...........WE have to get out there and get jobs and be nice to the community and be awesome and open our hearts and just ignore the negativity and start thinking positive that's all I am saying ...We cant give up like this we have to be one step ahead somehow ....Does it make sense I know is very hard believe me ...I get it ..I know but Please just get out there and get back and fight ...That's all we can do FIGHT for what ours ...That means LIFE ....GET YOUR LIFE BACK....Love you all

Warm wishes

God's Grace said:

Absolutely agree Sandy, Ramiz ignores every single one of my posts and then tries to give credibility and status to the perps. The perps are the worst traitors to humanity in the history of the world, far worse than Hitler actually, many are drug or gambling and sex addicts with some kind of personality disorder which manifests as complete narcissists and sociopaths or psychopaths, their brains when x-rayed do not have any or very little link to emotions. I met someone like this and I would describe it as a blank face, there really was no emotional connection to make, they are sadistic, cruel bullies who are so far warped and their minds lead naturally to violence when they don't get their way, that change is impossible. They kill our family members and friends, I have been the victim of extremely violent technological rape, when I have gone against their wishes.We can definitely win this war, so please don't for a minute believe anyone who says otherwise.

God's grace, I am obviously not spending all my research time here, because my views are different from others. Why does it seem that some people refuse to consider a new view. I promise you I have seen a lot of similar things to you, and it seems to me that everyone has been manipulated into believing different things. All of which  are likely untrue. Couldn't you even consider what I have said for a moment? Couldn't the people who say they have done research been led astray by this technology? The technology can point you in a direction in your mind, and you don't realize it. And the perpetrators would definitely want the majority to believe the WRONG thing.

How is your view (your own government is experimenting on you) not fear mongering, and mine is? If my own government is experimenting on me, I am just as afraid!

God's grace, this is from yesterday:

Permalink Reply by VM yesterdayDelete

God's Grace, Yes, they are sociopaths. And I like what you said about there not being any loyalty among thieves. That's why I feel this could not be any kind of collusion.

God's grace, here is another from Sunday:

Permalink Reply by VM on SundayDelete

God's Grace, I don't know much about Agenda 21, but I am all for sustainable development. What is this plan you speak of? It sounds to me like the Agenda 21 thing is just about attempts at sustaining the environment in order to provide us with the natural resources we need, etc. We all fear the idea of too many people and not enough of the things we need to go around, but that is why we have to manage these things in order to ensure there is enough in the future. 

If governments started "doing away with" people, then people would flee that country and seek asylum in a new country who might be happy to receive the human capital. No matter what anyone says, we need people to drive economies.

God's Grace said:

I'm interested, where does Agenda 21 come into this? Isn't there a plan to do away with what is referred to as too many people, not enough tax money, food, water, jobs?

God's grace, here's another:

Permalink Reply by VM on May 25, 2019 at 3:31amDelete

God's Grace, Yes, they could do this. I think the software they have developed together with this technology can track people and their connections quite well. Like it might link you up with the people you do business with, and they could alter the program to affect these peoples' minds toward the negative. I don't think they have to track the people by cell phone; I think we are tracked by our brains. And you have all the information about it in your brain, as do the others with which you connect.

God`s Grace, thank you for your nice reply and support on my post.

I think your posts are all showing up fine on here and you have already got some replies about that. I do think of you as a friend here and I always appreciate all your posts, but about "befriending", please don`t take offence but I don`t do friends at all on here or online anywhere, that`s just me!

God bless you, see you later.

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