I became a target when I began to uncover the fact that I was MK Ultra, and mindcontrolled my whole life. Bear with me if you are reading this. They use symbology to mess with your head.

I have noticed a pattern in some TIs. Some have names with C, or CH, and/or the letters AN in their name (Anne Johnson Davis-author of "Hell Minus One" who died recently). Some have an initial T in their names. Some have double digit birthdays. I am 12/12 and my mother was 4/4. I know one person suffering from this who is 11/11. I think they like double digit birthdays because they use the tarot major arcana to assign personality types.

For example, the 11th card in the major arcana is traditionally the JUSTICE card, so by destroying those people, they are messing with justice in the meta level. 9/11 is symbolic because of the 9 which sounds like "nein" in German, meanign NO: affecting a situation of "no justice" in the US.

The 4 in the major arcana of the tarot is usually The Emperor, and my mother was definitely that type: very controlling, used Dr. Spock method of child rearing which advocates leaving an infant to cry/scream in the crib, instead of responding. Not blaming her, that method was popular back then, but it gave children a feeling of abandonment.

The 12th major arcana card is The Hanged Man, and isn't it funny that my whole life has seemed upside-down? Also, by making me be right-handed, when I was naturally inclined to be left-handed, they effectively messed with the natural function of my mind, reversing my natural tendency. MK Ultra is known for messing with the hemispheres of the brain. Symbolically, they took me out of my "right mind", so to speak.

I was adopted through a catholic agency which held me for the first 6 weeks of my life and gave me to a mother who verbally assaulted me almost every day by calling me stupid. I was often left alone to play in the woods. My brother (an alter boy), who was physically abused by our mom, psychologically abused me. I have implants at each ear which were used to subliminally influence me my whole life, via ultra-low-frequencies. Now I know why my whole life always seemed like it was controlled in some way... that things were always "just out of reach" for me.

Now I can hear those voices that used to be subliminal. I encourage people to look back on their lives to see if they were controlled all along and didn't realize it. Think of the names of people in your life, and what they might mean symbolically.

I was involved in an online cult, in which the leader actually said she was using a technique called "mindbending", and that they were altering people's merkabas. The merkaba is an extention of the aura/spirit. If she was using these techniques on people, then it was another form of control.

One of my major points here is that it just seems like I never truly had free will, however, I was often told that every human has free will. What a mind #*@!

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  • Hello. Where can I find the article on the masonic abuse victim? Would like to read this as since I come from a Freemason family and the fact that I do not remember most of my childhood, leads me to believe I have many memories that need to be discovered and I am hoping that reading others accounts might help me put the pieces together.  egy :)

  • Hello...I believe this is very true in my case.  Mine goes back to my grandmother gone now and my mother gone now and my sister gone now on holidays and no bodies..just died and gone.  just to name a few. we were all isolated and manipulated. My family is very sketchy grandfather had something to do with Germany (creepy guy) My dad was in drug cartels accused of killing my moms new husband who was a lawyer who divorced my mom.. who was shot in the head..wink wink. They pretend  like they don't like each other "hate" even... when in reality they are all friends god it works and so ingenious. I'm sure there was tons of money involved.  So many lawyers and police that new the truth...Federal judge that was at the time a lawyer was his partner.  He's alive.  I guess their lie detectors forgot test forgot to ask...is he alive.  They marry alot of women...would prefer the same name so they only have to get Im guessing" one life insurance policy. Sex with anyone is nothing to them it's like a whole different world with different laws.  Sorry your my first message and im new to this site i saw your message and it made me think about just a small piece of what has been happening.... oh back to the German part The Doctor that delivered my mom first then me 25 years later was Dr.Green .  My grandfather was a Doctor 2nd husband to my grandmother he was a mason of some degree he gave my grandmother a rainbow ring? Strang thing is he really love my grandmothers mother who died very young.  I'm thinking with so many people involved in this ...how can anyone ever prove anything they take any evidence...they mess with medical records, they can change things in court records i have seen this.  hey I feel better for telling someone this...i never have.  


    Cant use name due to electronic said:

    I believe that it is very possible that most victims were set up to be victims at birth. Being adopted in many cases equates to being sold into slavery for this purpose, especially if you were born in the 50s & 60s. The catholic church has been found out regarding practices of child-trafficking. Mengele was in Auchwitz in 1935, & Monarch/MK was happening in 50s & 60s (after Nazi doctors were brought to US via Project Paperclip).

    Throughout my life, my freewill was severely limited, with mind control programming resembling MK Ultra/Monarch, but so much more subtle, so that I cannot pinpoint exactly who is resposible for my programming and resulting torture.

    Throughout my research, I've found multiple victims who were adopted (easier to isolate them), who have vowels as middle initials (easier to ID), or who's nicknames are or initials spell animals (easier to dehumanize), or nickname is something like MAT (also easier to dehumanize). They physically or mentally disable us so they can then compare us to Cain in the Cain&Abel story of the bible.

  • I was not born out of wedlock....though there is some controversy surrounding my mothers conception of me.

    Cant use name due to electronic said:

    Othrer Ques.. while I have heard that many TIs are Christian, my voices tell me that I am a sacrifice because I am "just a bastard", so I am wondering how many TIs were born out of wedlock.

    How many TIs get the impression that other people around you are "in on it"?

  • Some questions for TIs: Are you adopted? Are you awaiting a monetary award of some kind? Do you know if you were involved in MK Ultra or the Monarch program (If unsure, look back on your life and see if your life seemed orchestrated- as if your freewill was limited severely)? Are you a double digit BDay? Have you spoken out about human rights issues? Do you have the letters J, A, An, C, K, Ch, Ca, T, in your name? Is your nickname Cat or Kat, or some variation (I have noticed there are a number of TI people on youtube who use the name Cat or Kat)? Another thing I wonder about is the numerology of those being targeted. Some of us have what is caled a "master vibration", which could have something to do with why we're targeted. There are free numerology calculators online. I've also noticed many TIs have birthyears ending in 7. Perhaps if we could figure out the pattern the perps are using, we could then work against them, using that info.

    While I realize that the victims of this program are moslty spread out demographically, I do see certain patterns evovling. I would be good if we could use such a pattern against the perpe-traitors of this horrendous crime.

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