Please support my Petition. I am a victim of involuntary implantation of brain implants and I'm tortured 24/7 by the dutch government! Please share this with your friends and family, too! Victims need help! electronic harassment; v2k (voice to skull) gangstalking and threats must stop! It's a violation of Human Rights and is a criminal act:


Attention International Criminal Court; Ministry of Foreign Affairs & the Dutch Royal Family,


I've had enough. I'm tired and I'm sick. After all of the professional emails and complaints in regards to my situation as a victim of mind control; electronic harassment and V2K (voice to skull) since childhood, until these catastrophic days in 2013 and after my letters of evidence (including X-rays of these involuntary implanted brain implants) being sent to M.P. Dillon, of the International Criminal Court of The Hague, only to have them say that this is "out of their jurisdiction" even after telling me that they've dealt with victims in the same situation, they've still managed to tell me that this is OUT OF THEIR JURISDICTION and it's not considered a criminal act--I have had enough!


I continue to suffer, thanks to the ministry of foreign affairs for involuntarily implanting me with brain implants, since my step-father, Peter Geels, works as a diplomat at the ministry, and he had missions around the world since my childhood. My implantation is not a case to be DISMISSED! I will not sit by and watch the dutch government torture me; gangstalk my family and I; threaten to murder my family, my friends and I! I will not have IT!


The dutch government will apologize! You will admit that I have brain implants and whatever other implants/electrodes/transmitters within my person! You WILL admit all of this or else this will not be the last of me.


Yes, See this letter as a threat because I've had ENOUGH. I've had enough of negative emails that state my situation being OUT OF JURISDICTION. This is in violation of Human Rights! This is AGAINST THE LAW, and since YOU are the LAW, you will admit to your mistakes! You will stand by your mistakes NOW before it's too late!


Yes, you will admit it, Dutch Government!! This 24/7 torture which could soon lead to a brain tumour or my sudden death will be put to a halt! I'm tired of having these perpetrators (who call themselves "C.I.A." and who constantly claim that they work for the dutch government), continue to destroy my life. I've had enough! You've managed to hack into my accounts; tap my phone; tap my family members phones; tap into my personal life; record every instant of my life; ridicule me in public and in the"Safety" of my own home. I've HAD IT! GENOEG IS GENOEG!! The International Criminal court will give me the freedom and justice that I deserve, not only as a dutch citizen, but as a human being!


Yes, I will receive my Justice, the justice that you've stolen from me. The Justice that was raped from my childhood and my adulthood! You will give it to me, and if I'm not given it I WILL take my Justice by force!! If not given my justice I will see to it that holland does NOT rest, you will not stop hearing from this, and you will suffer!


Admit now. Admit to your mistakes! LOOK at my X-ray's taken at the The Hague ZiekenHuis of The Hague; LOOK at them, examine them and then dare to tell me again that I am not implanted and that THIS is out of your jurisdiction!


The cowards that you are, how dare you not admit to your imperfections, while you record innocent victims and torture their lives 24/7. I speak and write for those who do not possess the audacity to do so themselves; we are ONE!




Below is my petition:




Victim of electronic harassment; V2K (voice to skull); involuntary implantation of brain implants,


Sabrina Makein

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