Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Recording in my room on the  Oregon Coast in August 2010

Taken down numerous levels as described below

I believe it is a satellite transmission

Increase sound

Reduce noise

Reduce until cant be seen and becomes as a dark matter negative factor appearing as a shadow on screen spectrum

Then shadow moved rapidly across screen out of site in an evasive measure

Increase sound again and it appears as if a portal opens in middle of almost box shaped sound in purple

The specks of light appear as a helix like dna with the tiny specs of light possible chromosomes

The purple is surrounded by orange red

The orange red and purple is what the god source flashed when he came to me several times in the holohgraphic hypnotic session by patti maes in feb

The color is orange red and not darker red it is how I could tell difference between true source and pretender

The pretender is a non repeater and not immortal

Karl sims is MIT pati maes’ husband of participated  the holograph hypnotic session MIT did on me in West Linn, Oregon . it is significant tonote that he has written a lengthy paper on genetic algorithms

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i see you have replied but there is no message

thank you for reading this article it is what is causing the illness in many of the TI's especially cancers

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Psychiatric Interviews for Teaching: Psychosis

"Deca , I don't quite understand . When you type ("I'm not ill" = Lack of insight), do you mean from the doctors point of view? Because this is the kind of crap I hear from the psychiatrist that was forced onto me. I know that you…"
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Psychiatric Interviews for Teaching: Psychosis

"0:50 - "My housemates work for MI5 and they're doing stuff to my brain" = Persecutory delusion/paranoia 2:00 - "I can hear them talking about me" = Auditory hallucinations 2:40 - "They're always talking about…"
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