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 I've been a member of peacepink for a while but never told my story. I became a T.I when I was a child. My family had some land in the wilderness. It was there that I believe the Canadian Government had a research outpost. When I was around three they implanted me with a microchip. I believe that I am genetically altered. I have reason to believe that I was modified before birth. I am fairly certain that I have feline DNA, catnip gets me high, straw Berry's make me sick to the stomach. In the wilderness the perps would link my family up to synthetic telepathy. We would be able to know what each other were thinking. When I was young the perps would alter my thoughts for the family. I would get dirty looks and was outcast from my family. This was some type of psychological experiment. To this day my family doesn't believe in this technology although they were being experimented on with it. I believe all of my family have microchip implants in they're brains. When I was young I went to sleep in our cabin. I woke up in a white room. I thought it was a hospital in town. There was a voice of someone saying that I was awake, another told him to put me under. The next morning I woke up back in the cabin. I'm pretty sure they had a laboratory hidden up there. I would have had to be underground. Throughout my childhood I have always heard the perps. They would communicate with V2K. I've spent my whole life in town, when I was younger we would go to our cabin in the summer. The cabin is up in the north, isolated and cut off from any roads. We would have to travel there by float plane. In the winter we would use snow machine but rarely. I was told by the perps since I was a child that I was property. That they created me and could do what they wanted to me. Since childhood I have been electrocuted as a means of punishment. I became a Christian when I was young. The perps didn't like it. Periodically they would try to change me, to make me no longer a Christian. I resisted. Lately the perps have been torturing me, since 2012 the torture has increased. I was tortured severely in 2012 and commited to a psychiatric hospital. Before that I had a job. Since I was diagnosed I can no longer work and collect disability. Since 2012 I lost some weight. I changed a bit. Wearing more fashionable clothes and I appear like a new person. This is a small town. Since I look like a stranger the perps have been manipulating me in public. They spread rumours about me. The technology manipulates my body language to reinforce these rumours. I have been told by the perps that I am supposed to give people something to talk about. I don't do this willingly. In my town there is a large work force who work in the uranium mine. When people start feeling guilty about it the perps torture me and manipulate me to leave my place. I said that I had feline DNA. When I was young the perps have been telling me that I am an alien. I don't believe the Grey's exist. They are an artist's conception from the 1950's. I am supposed to be a continuation of the hoax. With the feline DNA I have some psychic abilities. I am also creepy. This reinforces the lie. Alot of us know that the grey Aliens don't exist, that they are the tech and dream manipulation. I am currently sick. I think I am suffering cellular degeneration from the genetic engineering. I will soon be dead. I was told by the perps years ago that I had a life expectancy of 29. I am now 34. I have been slowly getting worse since 2017. I believe that this is my last summer. I am taking silicea 30ch and hope to have my implant out before I die. I have been writing my life story out in notebooks. Hopefully I can get some truth out there and help end this torture that is happening to all of us. That is my story. There's more I'm sure but that's pretty much it. I believe I will be dead soon. I don't always have internet and can't login as often as I'd like. To all my fellow T.I's stay strong and keep the faith. Be love.

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