Myron May was a TI his story started like the rest of ours how we at first did not realize who was targeting us we blamed neighbors loved ones local government because who's mind can actually wrap instantly on the thought that it's an experiment conducted by our very own federal government it's easier to think it's someone close who may have a personal problem with you or in his case being a DA the police department. His police reports like ours start with hearing neighbors through walls and how there has to camera's in his car and home because they relate to him what he is doing second by second of his day, he realized a lot faster than I did that in actuality it wasn't neighbors or even local government that in fact he was a part of something bigger more sinister and on the federal level. I want to point out when I contacted the human rights group PHR I warned them that someone would break under the stress of constant torture I warned them that MKULTRA produced the uni-bomber.  I stated exactly the same thing on one of my very first discussions. When I sent the email to PHR it was entitled Mind control experiment in New Mexico. I laugh at the investigative team of KOAT 7 and KRQE 13 all they would have to do is Google Targeted Individual to find this attorney didn't just go insane and that his story is repeated exactly many times by many people. Pull up his story on those two news sites and read his police reports exactly what happened to each of us. Now the FBI are involved the FBI that multitudes of us have contacted about this subject... well they are now collecting all of this mans proof his journals his audio his video nice that the feds have their very own clean-up crew called the FBI.

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