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- Opening this discussion only to get help from everyone here with simple answers on interaction of the attacks with electrical activity of the hearth.
- Hearth pain, changing hearth rate, playing with its electrical activity.

- The question is: "How many people have experienced typical or unusual heart problem, especially within the first days of introducing to all this issues, synthetic telepathy, v2k, gangstalking, dew."

Please participate truly with short correct repply to the question, its very important to me and i believe to others.
Please dont argue or discusd on other subject,
Thanks in advance.

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Basically they can effect the natural process, rhythm, feeling, production of all organs and any other body parts included. Yes I have had my heart rate speed up by them, they can affect you on all energy levels. If they wanted they could kill you but I think what theyre trying to achieve is an immediate feeling of anxiety. Attacking the heart, speeding it or making it feel uncomfortable is an instant anxiety attack. Unfortunately I dont know a way to stop this but if they wanted you dead, they would have done it by now. The best thing to do is focus on breathing slowly.

After few days i noticed that, me asking for feedback on a question has caused great interest, as with most other issues afecting members on this site. Thanks alot for the help.

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"tekisi mieli kysyä näiltä mobbaajilta, matkijoilta, häiriköiltä. kuinka te viitsitte. Mutta en kysy, kun itsellänikin on teetetty kaikenlaista, mitä en vapaaehtoisesti tekisi."
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"Yksi selitys tuli mieleen, pojat eivät uskaltaneet puhua selvästi. Asiat oli kai piilotettu johonkin sivulauseisiin."
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"Vilkaisin pari kertaa naamakirjasta Haikara et Vehkala epäselvää maailmaa syleilevää jutustelua. Minkä takia mainostettiin Gang Stalking. Se on jotakin, jossa ihmiset luulee. Kun itsellä on sen nimisestäkin…"
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bernard blundell posted a status
"Victim of "gangstalking - electronic harrasment" possible "remote neural monitoring - frequency attacks " any advice welcomed.."
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