Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Consider the following theories concerning the technological sources of the problem.

Modern technology.


Parasitic mind control.

Telepathic portions of people's brain.

Non-technological invisible species(non-technological 'evil spirits').


Ancient technology.

Applying Occam's razor, which is a bit simplistic but useful. Reasoning...

The voices being described by paranoid schizophrenics attack in too similar of a fashion, voices growing up isolated from each other would tend to take to very different forms of behavior. That eliminates schizophrenia by Occam's razor, or reduces the probability of it using a more complex model. I'm for just eliminating it for now to keep it simple.

I've certainly witnessed what very much appears to be thought recording technology.  It appears to record thoughts accurately, like audio recording equipment, not like a live musician that can't quite play a song the same way every time. You may have witnessed the same type of 'triggers' and 'auto-responders'. That eliminates parasitic mind control, telepathic portion's of people's brains, and non-technological species.

The symptom's of paranoid schizophrenia predate the electronics era and you see the same form of similar attack, that eliminates modern technology by Occam's Razor! There no doubt is at least some technology that is modern if using a more complex model, but reasoning on. It does imply that at least some of the technology is ancient.

I don't trust the Christian God as he seems to demonize the innocent within other religions and within the secular community. It can be hard to argue against creationists given the complete fail in the psychiatric community. Given the demonization and other facts I remain in favor of evolution.

That leaves ancient technology by Occam's razor and reasoning.

Please do not take your frustrations out on the innocent within the spiritual community. There may be ethical sources of technology as well, e.g. ancient soul saving technology sources. Likely alien, you can search for alien, news, and telepathy on YouTube. It is the abuser of technology that is responsible. It should be noted that there have traditionally been good and evil entities in this 'sphere'. Some may be able to help.

There is reason to believe that there may well be spiritual technology, and that some of it may be alien technology. The accounts of men seeing visions are old. Assuming that there is such technology, those ancient no doubt have seen the truth of the sane forms of natural law. The sane and the moral will naturally ally against evil so that they don't have to live in the midst of evil. Those evil should quit so that they don't have to live amongst each other. A rise of evil is of no benefit to anyone. Those evil should be stopped from advancing technologically so that they don't become a further threat. Abusers of power should be stopped before they become a further risk. You can't conquer or control the universe. The universe is approximately 13.8 billion years old according to the latest scientific approximations. The stars in the sky are suns and galaxies full of thousands of suns. Those ancient likely have the best technology. Hopefully those ancient will assist in arming those with moral, sane intentions. Morality has to be defined as not all of those who believe that they are moral are of sane morality. Hopefully those ancient will assist in applying weapons restrictions to those evil, and sanctions to those societies that are truly run through with evil. Those ancient no doubt do not wish to see serious evils on this planet advance technologically. If those ancient are moral and have the best technology then it is arguable that those evil are young and are doomed to be brought to justice.

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this excellent book by member anthony forwood happens to touch on a lot of the same subjects you mention here, warren      he discusses ancient technology, secret societies, the pineal gland, and even occam's razor (natch!), and it's under $10, too   ;-)    i suspect you might enjoy it almost as much as i did

Applying Occam's razor, which is a bit simplistic but useful. Reasoning...

The voices being described by paranoid schizophrenics attack in too similar of a fashion, voices growing up isolated from each other would tend to take to very different forms of behavior. That eliminates schizophrenia by Occam's razor, or reduces the probability of it using a more complex model. I'm for just eliminating it for now to keep it simple.

sorry not all TI`s hear voices .....there are plenty of people who hear voices and are not TI`s

The principle states that among competing hypotheses that predict equally well, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected. Other, more complicated solutions may ultimately prove to provide better predictions, but—in the absence of differences in predictive ability—the fewer assumptions that are made, the better.

also you are forgetting the declassified documents , evidence TI` have medical scans , EM readings etc

so sorry A) not all your competing hypotheses have a absence of differences in predictive ability B) you don`t consider the evidence victims have

so you can`t use Occam's razor  so your reasoning is simplistic and flawed 

don't mind 'deca' - he's not very bright, and he lies every day - we all just sort of work around him   ;-)

quite often members have kindly posted links which would allow him to educate himself - but his confirmation bias won't permit it        he 'debunks' what he doesn't understand (or like, anyway), and logic and facts are never an issue    here's a pretty good example:

on p. 14 of sue's 'has anyone realized the perps were with you long before they made you aware?', he decides to give us a lesson in recent history     to 'prove' brain implantation was around before roswell, he provides a graphic time-line including a paper delgado wrote in 1953


and on the very next post, he also attempts to 'debunk' roswell with a photo op of nasa space monkeys  "crashing weather balloons" - in 1948!

Roswell is complete bullshite .....these are your crashed aliens .........Monkeys and apes in space

The United States launched flights containing primate cargo primarily between 1948-1961


'deca' - are you sporting intelligent designer genes?


this doesn't 'prove' roswell or e.t., but it does demonstrate how thoroughly old grumpy bothers checking 'facts' before pronouncing so authoritatively    for an amusing romp through a lot of squirmy logic, i invite you to read big lebowski's technical questions about blatant fraudulence in the rf scanning procedures 'deca' touts so determinedly    one thing strongly in his favour is his determination - no amount of correction deters!



' "London RF Scamming - meeting" - A Few Preliminary Questions'


mind control victims often suffer legitimate confusion - so, in order to generously extend the benefit of all possible doubt (like e.t. having fried his noodle) - deca, roswell was in 1947!  :-)

Yes Deca, there is modern technology as well, it might be being used more rarely than some suspect. 

There does NOT appear to be such a thing as paranoid schizophrenia as that term is commonly understood....

It appears that the voices are arriving too well trained. Paranoid schizophrenics are not describing parts of their brain's fumbling around learning to communicate, hide their reasoning and emotions, and perform advanced talents like mental ventriloquism. Even if some people were to have parts of their brain's evolved to provide extra reasoning assistance, there would be some observable training period where that piece of mind would assumedly have to get used to it's genetically inherited talents. I have not seen a single report from a schizophrenic describing part of their brain fumbling around learning advanced telepathic arts or getting used to genetically inherited talents. I have read a fair number of forum postings by schizophrenics. It may well be that all of the schizophrenics describing abuse are mental invasion victims. It could yet be that multiple voices reside within minds as well.

Abusive mental technology abusers use similar forms of attack, degrading voices, voices urging the victim to kill themselves and others, etc. This similarity can be verified by reading through forums for schizophrenics and targeted individuals. It is unlikely that such similar forms of attack would arise by chance in completely different minds if the abusers were isolated from each other and were part of the victims mind. Beings who can reason would tend to take to different types of activities. It is unlikely that such similar forms of instinctive dispositions would evolve due to evolution as the behavior is detrimental to the person involved.

It has to be stressed at this point that the 'symptoms' of paranoid schizophrenia clearly predate the electronics era. At least some of the technology is likely ancient.

I stated in the OP that Occam's razor is simplistic, I understand that more complex models are going to be required. E.g. multiple source of technology.

dude I not here trying to figure out the cause of what gets labeled as "Paranoid schizophrenics" or any type of mental illness

I here  to expose the unethical illegal  abuse of humans in Torture of Mind Control/DEWs  experiments

and what happens to TI`s seems to stem from /continuation from end of wwII(Nazi paper clip scientist  ) to  the MKultra  experiments so from 1980`s to present day is were you get modern TI`s from were there was the technology able to do this.

Here's an interesting about schizophrenia.

it should perhaps be noted that the (physical) medical model of 'illness' as applied to social phenomena was already on the ropes back when r. d. laing (cited by soleilmavis in her 'psychiatry' article), gregory bateson (double-bind theory of schizophrenia) and the rest of the anti-pychiatrists began examining structural schizms leading to fragmented personalities (see laing's 'the divided self', 'self and other')      

i entered university two years before the psych department was radically over-hauled by 'behaviourists', who ignored all this to focus on the biological individual      there was a dramatic ripple throughout the entire social science department     our anthropology department included professor charles d laughlin, whose classic 'biogenetic structuralism' (combining his knowledge as a buddhist zen master with his tutelage under charles a tart (states of consciousness, altered states) is roundly regarded as the final authority in the field of neurological investigations into human behaviour

failing to address societally structure conflicts by stigmatizing an endless stream of 'patients' who succumb to conflicting or anomalous roles (the 'scapegoat, for example, or the 'black sheep) makes for a wonderful captive market for the pharmaceutical industry, and it is no coincidence that schizophrenia stats rose dramatically as soon as c.i.a. mk-ultra surgeon ewen cameron took over as head of the cdn, u.s. and world psych associations    

there can be no question about the fact that cameron's program was not shut down when he died - those non-consensual surgical scars on top of and all around my skull (see 'my photos') were inflicted a year or two after he died, at the same "undisclosed" ottawa hospital where jesse ventura alleges that cameron performed 4000 such illegal 'operations' while he was conducting the lsd/electric shock 'experiments at alan memorial and mcgill in nearby montreal) - documents written by julianne mckinney leaked a few years back assert that this was the trauma based manchurian candidate program

'deca' continues to post fuzzy grey area mental illness references to imply a connection by association (syntactic -  despite frequent reminders that it is specifically prohibited by soleilmavis) entirely consistent with the c.i.a./ffchs discrediting campaign outlined by cliff huylebroeck:

sue and others have noted how these attacks seem specifically designed to mimic supposed mental 'disorders' in an attempt to discredit targets so the truth about these illegal will not be believed and investigated     members who make unqualified remote 'diagnoses' couldn't be more obvious in their loyalties if they were named 'c.i.a. shill'

'deca' has often declared that members who insisted on the reality of the stasi-style gang-stalking reported by most members (and disclosed by mckinney - whom deca touts elsewhere - to be part of the routine to disorientate  and "soften up" targets for the v2k attacks to follow) are "paranoid-delusional schizophrenic for believing in the conspiracy theories of 'gang-stalking only' websites" (direct quotations!) - the sites he refers to are those of cliff and anthony forwood, both of whom naturally include technological attacks: it is a recurring false dichotomy and lie

'deca' could not be more obvious about his loyalties (besides calling us "you TI'S" lol) if his handle was 'illiterate disinfo agent/slash/ 'cia shill'!     lebowski's disclosure of 'deca's work experience as a night club bouncer  perfectly explains (in accordance with the time-honoured scientific principle of occam's razor) his aggressively ignorant habit of telling those of us who do not agree (such as sue, and jordan pierce, no longer a member) that they are on "the wrong site"    :-)    

I understand exactly what you mean Deca....we have to keep our minds on the solution for us.

But the interesting thing is if schizophrenia is a farce then targeting predates last century.

look a lot of TI`s don`t get a mental illness  diagnoses and many that do don`t end up getting diagnosed with schizophrenia....because they don`t meet the criteria ie....being middle aged with no history of mental illness so get some type of delusional disorder.

so our problem is not being diagnosed with  "schizophrenia" but actual proving we are being targeted and getting it recognized by people in authority that can change the mental health system,legal ,political  etc.  

And we are only going to do that by collecting objective evidence and presenting  our case in a professional and coherent manner.

again a lot of TI`s end up in the catch 22 situation were they believe they have to convince the psychiatrist treating them that they are not mentally ill and at the same time trying to prove that they are targeted are not going to win in that situation ...unless you have a lot of credibility,support, evidence and experts backing you ...which rarely is the case .....simple its not a mental health issues its a human rights, legal & political one

About 2/5 of schizophrenics appear to be misdiagnosed and are abuse victims, which is verifiable given the arguments above. Some law enforcement officials might actually listen if you show them the evidence concerning how the attacks are of too similar of a nature.

why don`t TI`s just get evidence and prove they are TI`s weather they been misdiagnosed with schizophrenia or any other mental disorder

why do YOU what to prove schizophrenics have been misdiagnosed ?? have YOU been diagnosed with schizophrenia ?

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