Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Consider the following theories concerning the technological sources of the problem.

Modern technology.


Parasitic mind control.

Telepathic portions of people's brain.

Non-technological invisible species(non-technological 'evil spirits').


Ancient technology.

Applying Occam's razor, which is a bit simplistic but useful. Reasoning...

The voices being described by paranoid schizophrenics attack in too similar of a fashion, voices growing up isolated from each other would tend to take to very different forms of behavior. That eliminates schizophrenia by Occam's razor, or reduces the probability of it using a more complex model. I'm for just eliminating it for now to keep it simple.

I've certainly witnessed what very much appears to be thought recording technology.  It appears to record thoughts accurately, like audio recording equipment, not like a live musician that can't quite play a song the same way every time. You may have witnessed the same type of 'triggers' and 'auto-responders'. That eliminates parasitic mind control, telepathic portion's of people's brains, and non-technological species.

The symptom's of paranoid schizophrenia predate the electronics era and you see the same form of similar attack, that eliminates modern technology by Occam's Razor! There no doubt is at least some technology that is modern if using a more complex model, but reasoning on. It does imply that at least some of the technology is ancient.

I don't trust the Christian God as he seems to demonize the innocent within other religions and within the secular community. It can be hard to argue against creationists given the complete fail in the psychiatric community. Given the demonization and other facts I remain in favor of evolution.

That leaves ancient technology by Occam's razor and reasoning.

Please do not take your frustrations out on the innocent within the spiritual community. There may be ethical sources of technology as well, e.g. ancient soul saving technology sources. Likely alien, you can search for alien, news, and telepathy on YouTube. It is the abuser of technology that is responsible. It should be noted that there have traditionally been good and evil entities in this 'sphere'. Some may be able to help.

There is reason to believe that there may well be spiritual technology, and that some of it may be alien technology. The accounts of men seeing visions are old. Assuming that there is such technology, those ancient no doubt have seen the truth of the sane forms of natural law. The sane and the moral will naturally ally against evil so that they don't have to live in the midst of evil. Those evil should quit so that they don't have to live amongst each other. A rise of evil is of no benefit to anyone. Those evil should be stopped from advancing technologically so that they don't become a further threat. Abusers of power should be stopped before they become a further risk. You can't conquer or control the universe. The universe is approximately 13.8 billion years old according to the latest scientific approximations. The stars in the sky are suns and galaxies full of thousands of suns. Those ancient likely have the best technology. Hopefully those ancient will assist in arming those with moral, sane intentions. Morality has to be defined as not all of those who believe that they are moral are of sane morality. Hopefully those ancient will assist in applying weapons restrictions to those evil, and sanctions to those societies that are truly run through with evil. Those ancient no doubt do not wish to see serious evils on this planet advance technologically. If those ancient are moral and have the best technology then it is arguable that those evil are young and are doomed to be brought to justice.

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Peculiar. Maybe it's just a coincidence, however, the Occam's razor is often used by Italian debunkers in the fb group of Italians. In the fb group, we have also a debunker who speaks good Italian, English and Swedish.

Paulina Stromberg (false name or fake name) and nickname is SHINING.

He is a man and he works for pharmaceutical companies. His profession? Pharmaceutical sales representative or pharmaceutical representative. [Big Pharma, Sandoz Novartis, Glaxo, Pfizer etc]

In Italy we have the C.I.C.A.P.

THE CICAP is paradoxically a sect anti-sect of debunkers and composed of rich people. ($$$)


I spent a couple of weeks trying to interact with the external world a little more. My condition deteriorated. I spent all day today playing my natural law arguments and other arguments through headphones and it feels like I am in control a bit more again. It's taken me years of arguing with the voices to get to this point though. I deliberately internalized about a year ago and spent much of the year paying attention to the telepathic situation. It helped. Any other proven methods? Obviously faraday cages will work if you're up against basic electromagnetic technology. What else can people testify to? Observational evidence can clearly be tainted, the perps will lie. You'll end up hanging up garlic while the perps laugh and string you along. A solid scientific explanation for why your technique works along with observational evidence might make for a good start.

My grandfather was schizophrenic. He could see multiple people and hear multiple people in his "bad times".  I had hopes for your post but you wanted to rule out schizophrenia and did so very weakly.

There are also other possibilities if you wanted to truly list them all. Drug use could be a cause. Many drugs can affect the brain in unknown and non-repairable ways. Why not mention aliens too, since you are listing every possible theory?

Ancient technology, possibly of alien origin is my lead theory.

warren, i highly recommend this book which has explored these areas quite thoroughly, and is told from the point of view of a target: his other book is soleilmavis's 3rd selection overall, and she recommends we support his work

it pretty much confirms more or less everything i had researched and/or intuited on the subject, as well as providing me with a great set of resources to cite and pursue that with    (it's actually under $10)


They Would Be GodsBy Anthony K. Forwood
eBook (PDF): $11.59
Download immediately.
(1 Ratings)
This book covers a wide range of controversial material, including the possibility of alien visitation and influence, the Great Pyramid and other megalithic structures, mysterious fossils, ancient... More > legends, mystery schools and modern secret societies, the events in the Bible, lost civilizations, the hollow Earth hypothesis, recurrent planetary cataclysms, Earth energies, secret and suppressed science, human psychic potentials, mass social conditioning, and mind-control technologies. Most important of all, it reveals events that are soon to take place on our planet that will lead most of us to extermination, while the remaining survivors will find themselves in complete enslavement to a totalitarian New World Order ruled by a group who see themselves as gods.
anthony is one of the best authors  have ever read     i haven't gotten around to the 2nd one yet as i am re-reading the first one as well as going through his website reading older articles     anthony has demonstrated that the cointelpro psy-ops false flag attacks he's researched (oklahoma city, sandy hook, the boston marathon featuring conclusive photos) run straight through aaron alexis and myron may (and, ultimately, every one of us who is attacked by v2k, dew, eh and gangstalking)
Gang-Stalking and Mind-Control: The Destruction of Society Through ...By A. K. Forwood
Paperback: $9.49
Ships in 3–5 business days
(1 Ratings)
A secret underground lurks throughout society, a sophisticated network of secret ‘policing’ units that are cropping up in every community. It is made up of people from all walks of life... More > who are operating as a fascist secret police force against all freedom-loving citizens of the western world. They pretend to be serving a good cause, but they are creating terror in our neighborhoods and destroying lives, one person at a time. This secret network is not only used for targeting individuals with systematic harassment, but those within it are often involved in sexual exploitation, blackmail, satanism, and mind-control. Gang-Stalking and Mind-Control takes an inside look at the sinister side of this growing epidemic. Written by a target, for targets.
if you're not familiar with his brilliant and thorough analyses, i recommend his own article which more succinctly covers the essentials of the 'debate' with deca on the flagrant disinfo blog by 'Muertos': 
you might want to skip directly to anthony's article drawn from the same attack:

Agree Warren, I believe this tech is ancient and from another race who the gov have sold us out to.

right when do you believe this "ancient" tech was given to humans ? what year century ?

also were calculators , computers , mobile phones  also "given" to us as well ?

Id say in the last two centuries.

Modern tech? Quite possible, last century tech advanced at super rapid speed.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke


again you need to understand exponential growth and the singularity

Ray Kurzweil writes that, due to paradigm shifts, a trend of exponential growth extends Moore's law from integrated circuits to earlier transistors, vacuum tubes, relays, and electromechanical computers. He predicts that the exponential growth will continue, and that in a few decades the computing power of all computers will exceed that of ("unenhanced") human brains, with superhuman artificial intelligence appearing around the same time.

There is evidence for both modern and ancient technology being involved.

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