I note that Omma mention to MR KARIGIANNIS that her letter is on a public forum. Perhaps this has helped to evoke a response from this official. MR KARIGIANNIS ACKNOWLEDGES MY EMAIL RE MICROWAVE AND OTHER DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS - SEE BELOW MR. KARYGIANNIS TOOK THE TIME TO PERSONALLY CALL ME ABOUT THIS EMAIL. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIMELY RESPONSE. RE: GANG STALKING AND DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS HARASSMENT "Hon. Jim Karygiannis P.C., M.P" AddTuesday, May 19, 2009 12:45:27 PM To:OMMA RAMPERSAD Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. From: OMMA RAMPERSAD [] Sent: Saturday, May 16, 2009 8:22 AMTo: jim@karygiannismp.comSubject: GANG STALKING AND DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS HARASSMENT Dear Mr. Karygiannis, I am sending this email (that will appear in my blog since it is a public letter to you) asking about information regarding the development of so called non-lethal weapons using directed energies such as microwave, sonic waves and electromagnetic radiation. The following are links describing some of the technologies that are being developed or have been developed using directed energies. The one link I am most interested in is the first link in which was described the intended arming of the police force in the US with pain ray guns. Since what happens in the US very often also happens in Canada , my question is this: WHAT IS BEING DONE TO EDUCATE CANADIANS ABOUT THE DEVELOPMENT OF DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS? WHAT LAWS ARE IN PLACE TO PROTECT CANADIANS FROM COVERT ATTACKS BY CRIMINALS OR MANUFACTURERS WANTING REAL LIVE TEST SUBJECTS, WHO WILL HAVE AND DO HAVE SIMILAR TECHNOLOGY, SOME OF WHICH COULD BE BOUGHT OF THE INTERNET. ONE SUCH SITE IS: SOME COULD BE MADE AT HOME. IT IS MY BELIEF THAT THERE ARE GANGS IN TORONTO AND POSSIBLY THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY, POSSESSING THESE THROUGH THE WALL REMOTE TECHNOLOGIES AND ARE USING THEM ON UNSUSPECTING CANADIANS. THE PROBLEM WITH GOING TO THE POLICE ABOUT COMPLAINTS OF THIS NATURE, IS THAT THE SYMPTOMS OF DIRECTED ENERGY ATTACKS ARE HARD TO PROVE AND THE POLICE WILL WRONGFULLY JUMP TO THE CONCLUSION THAT A TRUE VICTIM HAS A MENTAL PROBLEM. IT IS MY BELIEF THAT THE TORONTO POLICE FORCE ARE NOT BEING TRAINED TO RECOGNISE THESE TYPES OF CRIME AND ARE STILL OPERATING ON AN OLD PARADIGM THAT HEARING VOICES AND FEELING PAINS THAT IS NOT CAUSED BY A PHYSICAL INSTRUMENT OR UNDERLYING DISEASE CAN ONLY MEAN ONE THING - THAT THE VICTIM HAS A MENTAL PROBLEM. It is time that the laws in this country catch up with the technology available to criminals, and law enforcement agencies start taking complaints from CANADIAN CITIZENS seriously with regard to attacks with these types of weapons. Mr. Karygiannis, there are numerous sites on the internet of people worldwide complaining about being attacked remotely with directed energy weapons - all one has to do is a google search on gang stalking or microwave harassment or electromagnetic harrasment to find some of them. ONE VERY INTERESTING SITE ON THIS ISSUE IS: THIS CANADIAN HAS TAKEN QUITE A FEW SIGNIFICANT STEPS TOTRY AND ENLIGHTEN THE CANADIAN PUBLIC ABOUT THIS ISSUE. IT IS TIME PUBLIC DISCUSSIONS ABOUT THE DEVELOPMENT OF DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS AND HOW IT WILL AFFECT AND IS AFFECTING THE CANADIAN PUBLIC IS STARTED. MORE IMPORTANTLY WE SHOULD KNOW HOW CANADIAN IS AND WILL BE PROTECTED FROM SUCH HARD TO PROVE WEAPONS ATTACK AND WHAT TECHNOLOGIES IS AVAILABLE TO HELP PROVE SUCH ATTACKS. I look forward to your reply.

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