Organization of Victims to Solve This

There seems to be no organized victims association that works together to find a way

to jam, find implants, remove implants, keeps track of doctors who will help victims remove implants, etc. We need to all work together to solve this. It is currently not organized and people are complaining of the tortures they are getting instead of finding away to solve it. Can we all organize an online meeting to have some process to solve this problem. We need to have the following:

1) A record of names and numbers of all doctors who are willing to help victims to remove implants.

2) A technical group who can work to find implants via x-rays, scans, and document them and find ways to remove them

3) We need to document all ways to jam these frequencies or at least document what methods reduce the attack or what shielding works and doesn't work

" WE NEED ORGANIZATION " Currently it is not organize and it is a benefit to the preps. People come onto this website and just complain about the torture and provide no value at all to anyone.



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  • Any word on this, yet?  The funny thing is, we ought to be able to go to the universities and have these things removed.  UC Berkeley has studied tons of us, I'm sure, perhaps without their knowledge, but I'm sure certain of them KNOW.  They should kick back a payout to us in the form of removing the items helping the research  and weapons system.  They HAVE the knowledge and tech to both locate and to remove it. Tee


    Watch patient 17 movie about removing alien implants. That doctor Robert Leir has passed on. But he had associates that helped remove implants. We need to document these peoples names and have them available for victims to get their implants removed.  We need a list of doctors across the world who is willing to work with victims to get implants removed?

    Can some start a word press site to start documenting names ?

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