Even he/she is a 100% moron, there would be someone who is not 100% brain damaged doing the control and programming. Most CIA employees and ordinary targeted individuals are victims. We all are going to be killed because of knowing the two secret technologies: electromagnetic Remote Surgery and electromagnetic Remote Mind Control. The only difference is some of us know more about what is really going on, while others do not due to limitation in knowledge and some other reasons. Majority CIA employees and targeted individuals are on the same boat, while the CIA real boss and a very few his followers are on another boat. We can save each other if people on our boat are united with one single goal: Exposing the two secret technologies: electromagnetic Remote Surgery and electromagnetic Remote Mind Control to each and every person on the earth by massive media report. Never distract yourself and others with useless stuffs in order to focus enough energy for achieving our goal.


If we can expose the two secret technologies, we would not only save lives of people on our boat, we would also save lives of people on other boats, including the life of that CIA evil boss. No power should not mean the end of his life. He needs to change his purpose of living and make his existence really beneficial to majority American and majority people on the earth.


Many CIA employees and targeted individuals were killed in 2011 and 2012. Names of people killed inside CIA could not be revealed. However, some names of those killed former CIA scientists and CIA trainees can be found on websites.

(1)Dr. Fred Bell (68),died in Sept, 2011, He was one of the scientists involved in CIA MKUltra and Paper Clip projects. He was killed by man-made heart attack on the way to Minnesota to film an interview with Jesse Ventura.

(2)Pam Anderson (53) Sept 8, 2011, she was a former CIA trainee, an MKUltra project experimentee. She was killed by EM Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control. She lost her mind and was killed by gun shot.

(3)Cindy Goldman () Feb. 15, 2012. Another former CIA trainee, a survivor of MKUltra Project victim, killed by a crazy tenant, who was obviously a 100% mind controlled robot.

(4) Ted Gunderson (-) July31, 2011. Former FBI senior officer of LA. He died of Cancer which he believed being caused by CIA electromagnetic weapon as doctor Valerie Wolfe who testified in the hearing on March 15, 1995 was also killed by Cancer. He testified in the Congressional Hearing on March 13, 2004 on CIA kidnapped Children and used the kidnapped Children as sex slaves and body parts in their recruiting ceremonies. He not only helped many CIA kidnapped kids, but also helped former CIA employees Brice Taylor and Babara Howell, who testified that they had been used to create homosexual scandals for talented Americans, and their neuron systems can be instantly blocked and can't speak. Those testimonies indicated that the EM Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control technologies were used to create gays and lesbians at least in the 80's. Brice Taylor's father might be mind controlled to have sex with her before 1985.

The following are some of the killed targeted individuals in 2012:

Bruno Marchesani (53) July 19, 2012 killed by man-made stroke.
Sandy Cason (~68) March 10, 2012, no details.
Sean Stinn (47), Sept 5, 2012 killed by Heart attack.
Kelly Shropshire (26) April 9, 2012, no details.

Someone wanted me to put the death of one TI in UK into the record. There are too many TIs killed in other countries. Those deaths could not affect the CIA commanders at all.  The CIA real commander is using those deaths as excuses of not exposing the two secret technologies: electromagnetic Remote Surgery and electromagnetic Remote Mind Control in the name of NATIONAL SECURITY or PROTECTING the INTRESTS of AMERICAN GOVERNMENT.  They should tell the death and stories of that ethnic Iraqi British new immigrant -Darrim Daout to Iraqi people and people in UK and let them to remember his death for 30 years or more years until the two secret technologies are exposed. CIA employees of different minorities should not be killed secretly. Although their family members and relatives might have been killed mentally or physically already, other people including other CIA employees should expose their deaths to the general public and don't allow your evil boss to kill anyone with no cost to himself.


People inside and outside CIA should be united. The only evil is the CIA real boss who does not allow exposing the two secret technologies to the general public. Although I don't know which one is CIA's real boss, from observing what he allowed CIAs to do over these years, and he could continue to force people to kill when knowing there would be no death penalty after exposing the two secret technologies, there is enough evidence that he is extremely vicious. Today, he is sacrificing tens of thousands people's lives every single day for his power only, rather than for his life. His existence not only causes millions of innocent people being killed physically and mentally everyday, but also causes countless innocent people being killed because of diseases that can be cured with the new technologies and the death penalty that should have been stopped if the two secret technologies are exposed to the general public. Hiding secrets only encourages killing and other vicious behaviors as only people who enjoy doing bad things enjoy hiding.


The testimonies of many CIA employees, including those of Christine deNicola, Claudia Mullen, Brice Taylor, Barbara Hartwell and former FBI senior officer of LA Ted Gunderson and Valerie Wolfe since 1995 were not known by the general public, including the US presidents, as main stream media did not report details of those testimonies. Letters from remote mind control and remote electromagnetic surgery victims were not reported by media. As remote electromagnetic surgery can turn normal people into less-self-conscious morons and remote mind control can completely control a moron and make a moron look normal, massive media reports are impossible without the permission of those who are using the two secret technologies. In other words, people who are using the two secret technologies can completely control media reports. It was mentioned by some reporters that some American correspondents were sent to mental hospital because of talking about Mind Control technologies. As electromagnetic weapon can turn a normal person into a moron, it is hard to tell whether a correspondent was a moron before spreading information about mind control or after that.


There were two important hearings organized by US government officials that were not reported by main steam media in detail. They are (1) Hearing on CIA Mind Control and EM Radiation on American Children in 60’s and 70’s organized by US President’s Advisory Committee on 15March, 1995, and (2) Congressional Hearing on Child Protection on 13 March, 2004.


In the Hearing organized by President’s Advisory Committee on 15 March, 1995, former CIA trainees Christine deNicola, Claudia Mullen and their clinic doctor Valerie Wolfe testified. It was indicated in Christine deNicola’s testimony that in 1966, CIA already can relate brain signals to the images in people’s brain. She was brought to a lab in Kansas City University by her nature father who was one of the CIA employees to do related experiments in 1966 when she was 4 year-old. According to doctor Valerie Wolfe’s testimony, those children who were used as guineapigs of mind control and electromagnetic radiation experiments were not able to tell people after leaving CIA as they would be sent to mental hospital when they mention about Mind Control in the United States. Claudia Mullen mentioned about many retarded American Children were also used in CIA’s experiments. Studies on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on different parts of a human body were mentioned in Chrstine deNicola’s testimony, although she did not understand the real experimental details at that time. Those experimental data are the foundation of electromagnetic remote surgery. Based on those data, CIA can use electromagnetic energy to give people heart attack, cancer and diabetes remotely in 70’s.


In the Congressional Hearing on 13 March, 2004, former FBI senior officer Ted Gunderson mentioned that CIA kidnapped Children on the street of United States. Some kidnapped children were used as sex slaves and body parts in CIA’s ceremonies, which are similar to the recruiting ceremonies of ordinary criminal organization shown on TV, where gangsters kill someone all together to confirm their loyalty. Ted Gunderson not only helped many kidnapped kids. He also helped some former CIA employees including Brice Taylor and Barbara Hartwell, who participated CIA mind control in 80’s. Ted Gunderson himself was also targeted by CIA. He called the CIA mind-controlled government: shadow government. He stated in his email that the cancer he got was due to the electromagnetic weapon being used by CIA before his death in July 2011. His assistant Linda helped to send his email when he was in intensive care.


In the videos of interviews with Ted Gunderson, Barbara Hartwell mentioned that her speaking capability can be stopped suddenly by remote Mind Control. Technologically, the speaking capability can be stopped when certain part of our brain neuron system is disabled by disconnection. The disconnection can be realized through a biological relay that can be built using focused electromagnetic remote surgery. Electromagnetic scissors technology, part of which won Nobel Prize in Physics in 1997 can be used to do surgery remotely.


In the videos, Brice Taylor mentioned that she had been used to mind control talented Americans to have homosexual scandals. It was suspected that the reasons that Brice Taylor’s father had sex with her when she was a child and that Brice Taylor felt she had the tendency of sex abusing her own daughter were all related to CIA remote mind control. However, due to the limit in education, Brice Taylor and Barbara Hartwell could not understand the real mechanisms of the technologies they experienced.


CIA was not controlled by US government. CIA had been controlling US government for a long time. It was suspected that the deaths of President Kennedy, President Johnson and President Reagan were all related to CIA. CIA’s real boss was never the one appointed by US government.

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