perps deprive victim sleep

hello dianna mae sanford   after hear you said , i feel i can not close my eyes to sleep and this words hurt my emotion again  , i think over your words and  i want to said why perps attack us and  why this attack never stop in the world ?why no any perps reveal by victims ? i feel ours world lose unfair , they deserve punish by society .
i can understand this time you suffer lots hard time . attack very strong with you , this situation as  same as  my feel about attack , perps often force me to  said they like words and  hate me very much .but i think we shall be courage each other till we own peaceful life again , sometimes i also feel lose confident to alive  in the world , but  this time  bible words comes :   LUKE 11:9   "So i say to you :Ask and it will be given to you ;seek and you will find ;knock and The door will be opened to you ,For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks ,the door will be opened ." 
so i agree Soleilmavis  words "Educating public about such technologies is the most important way to bring public awareness and get concerns about victims voices." i hope we win in the future .

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