It was highly suspected that Rockefeller family is related to the mafia family controlling electromagnetic Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control due to following four reasons:

(1) Nelson Rockefeller started to run for president after assasination of president Kennedy;

(2) Nelson Rockefeller participated the investigation of CIA in the 70s and the privatization of CIA secret projects;

(3) Eileen Rockefeller, born in 1952, the youngest daughter of David Rockefeller specialized emotion mind control, which was one of the major CIA mind control topics. EileenRockefeller published TWO memovire.

(4) The twin towers of WTC collapsed in NY911 was sponsored by David Rockefeller and Nelson Rockefeller. It is highly suspected that NY911 was a ventilation for CIA mind control employees who were angry after the attempts of exposing Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control secrets failed in the 90s and CIAs involved murdered afterwards. Attacking their own building to avoid angry  CIA employees kill Rockefellers as what happened to Nelson Rockefeller in 1979 after over 900 Americans being killed in Massive suicide in Jonestown in 1978. 




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