The technology that is targeting the human brain to talk into people's heads and stimulate sensations in the human body by these terrorists is an emulation of the human nervous system signals. I've seen it cause different metabolic processes in myself. Hypothetically if they can record the sensations they are recording to play back torture signals they can record any signal. If they recorded the point at which a child were growing cells and nerves they could have the signal that would prompt that in any human body. That would be able to regrow nerves in paraplegics and to put hydrophilic lipids back into cell membranes. Our skin ages by losing protein bonds and lipids. If we repair those by prompting a signal to began that process, that is ant-aging. The signals of a person with a high metabolism could be put into another person to prompt weight loss. Cancer cells can be cured by forcing the cell suicide signal. AIDS can be cured by understanding what causes it to go dormant and broadcasting that signal. The DNA telemerase could be prompted to repair DNA on a regular basis. That's immortality. If we can prove that these people were operating more than 12 years ago and even now while hiding these possibilities from everyone we could provoke outrage in law enforcement. Maybe they'd hunt them down with the vigor they hunted down Nazis and now Al Qaeda. How many people have lost loved ones who could have been saved while they hid this technology for terrorism's sake. How many of them would continue knowing how much money they could make with these cures? Get that knowledge out there! They can't hold their knowledge hostage as the experts that people must think they are. Our Constitution says that we cannot enslave people except as punishment for certain crimes. Let them teach us how to cure ourselves from prison!   

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  • check out "read-my-lips!" bush in his little german navy uniform - remember his famous presidential campaign photo-op?    the swimming war hero being fished out of the pacific ocean during the second world war - they probably ran a U-boat underneath him so he wouldn't drown in front of the cameras!

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