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I just wanted to reach out again...I can't stress enough how much reading others positive words helped me and drastically changed my grow from where I was at mentally at the beginning of this to where I am now is truly unbelievable...I don't even feel like the same person. 

I am so much happier deep down, make such better choices, think critically about things and literally could cry from what a dream life is. It is such an honor and privilege to withstand something like those so that others don't have to and so that the sad people of the world don't win. I am so glad that my purpose here was bigger than just have the ability to make the universe smile by literally turning the other cheek to something like this is truly amazing. 

You are LUCKY to be a part of your families lives, they are lucky to have are lucky to have your friends, etc...You have your SOUL and they can never touch that...if you have your SOUL and your humanity you have everything...just because they decided to sell themselves short on their life, doesn't mean they can take that from you...They are going to do whatever they can to bother you, don't feed into it...

Just keep living, and try to keep from running from this. Don't try and avoid it...just take the fight to over the top in your head, listen to music, workout, do what you would've done and it will just become background noise...just because you are the focal point of their life doesn't mean it has to go both ways...obviously you will be thinking about it, but once you accept what you can't change, they lose their false sense of power. 

They are the stalkers, they are the bad people, they are whats wrong in the world...they are trying to profit off of your misery...dont give them that satisfaction...this is a waste of time if you aren't unhappy and everyone knows it.

Think about how completely backwards it is to try and victim blame the person they stalk for sport...NOT A SINGLE PERSON ON EARTH WOULD SIDE WITH THEM...YOU WOULD BE CELEBRATED AND THEY WOULD BE, AT BEST, IMPRISONED FOR LIFE...If you are falling for their nonsense, you need to think logically and rationally...

Remind yourself constantly that their bashing and negativity is just that: VICTIM BLAMING...

Once you do that, it loses its power...the person who tried to take your life and happiness attempting to guilt trip you and preach negativity is nothing more than simple, victim blaming and it won't work on you...I actually have gotten to the point where I laugh at them and ask them why they think victim blaming will work on me? I am smarter, stronger, and wildly more HAPPY than they will ever be...

Think about what a cold dose of reality this must be to the arrogant people who thought they were going to profit off of your death...think about the arrogance of that mindset that these creatures literally believed that they were going to do this and get away with it...and keep living after you perished...THAT WONT BE HAPPENING...


I still can't stress the power of music would be 100% proven that music would reduce the effect this negativity...even if its background noise it would definitely improve your mood, distract you from their nonsense, and be an outlet. Music has been one of the biggest forces for good in my life...

YOU ARE STRONGER THAN THEM...and you reading this is proof, because while you continue to improve your mentality and life, they simply feed their addiction to you...Rest assured that those behind this are wired for it to the point that they can't function without it. YOU CAN. 


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Thanks Nick for your encouragement! Life is to be lived at every opportunity even while in our current situation. We Are right, and we WILL win!!
I like your ssuggestion of music, it really does help.


thank you ,for sharing this.  You are so very right.

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"Can I ask, why do you think it is this Lilly wave? I think I am targeted from a satellite beam of some kind. Is this the same thing?"
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What shielding methods worked for all of you?

I think I am dealing with satellite beams, but I'm not sure what kind.See More
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