• my plan is to work together with Soleilmavis to resubmit our complaints to the United Nations and the Australian Human Rights Commission to have our lifetimes of abuses reviewed by the two Commissions.

    as suggetsed the way to go is to claim negligence by the Australian Federal Government for not protecting our Human Rights as citizen/ fee paying International Student

    Australia doesn't have a Bill of Rights, but, most is covered under the Australian Constitution re: protection of Human Rights also Prof Nils Melzer, International Law and Special Rappoteur to the UN has cited a couple on International Law that cover Human Rights, laws set in place after the World War II attrocities

    I'll be putting up a Blog shortly

    RE:  the pricks/ cunts who've infiltrated Soleilmavis's site and are preying on the vulnerable, and there are some frightened people here, I'll be workig together with Admin to delete PeacePink accts

    PS:  there are a lot of shonky sales claiming to provide some protection to DEWs/ MWs/ remote mind control tech (I read the specs and can pick it a mile away, after all I didn't study Maths/ Physics at Uni for nothing

    PSS:  and a lot of scammers tryig to obtain personal details, Bank acct etc... CUNTS PREYING ON THE VULNERABLE 

  • What's your plan?????

    Well That's it.

  • Why are you here?????

    Well that's it.

    • Dear Angeline Klas,

      I've the ability to build a sanctuary that protects fellow suffers from direct-energy weapon attacks. I'm interested in connecting with people interested in working with me to undertake this project so they may have a space within the structure that will offer them protection.
      Such a structure is normally financially prohibited for a single individual, but as a group, feasible, please note I reside in Thailand; where land and construction costs are very affordable. Together we can become strong where this unseen enemy has made us weak, we must stand strong against these acts of covert violence and harassment.

      If interested pkease contact me for further information.

      Best regards,

      • please tell me more.. I understand the fundemental Physics behind the "Lilly wave/ pulses" which is believed to be the one used in V2K, used by the US military during the Gulf War (1990/1991)

        My preferred contact


        M:  +61 (0) 428 928 308   (WhatsApp, IMO, Viber)

        Facebook   Jeremy Paul (Black and White photo)

        • Cheers Jeremy,

          "Lilly waves" have to do with how brains are possibly bio-hacked/manipulated. All attacks are from EMF spectrum radiation. As with all EMF radiation such as x-rays have the ability to be blocked/re-directed with metals such as lead; x-rays can even be stopped with dirt or sand, albeit, less effectively.

          I'll send you a hello via e-mail, are you in Thailand?

          I noticed your promoting PACTS, would you happen to know if their are victims on the site willing to build also?

          I hope all's well.

          Best regards,


          • PACTS is a self-help group for TI's mainly existing in the States...

            Summary:    “Today, the Human Brain can be a likened to an `iPhone,” to draw an analogy, and be used to send and receive messages, but, in this case targeted individuals are mostly oblivious to the fact. And instead of using Wi-Fi routers these use electromagnetic wave that are readily transportable by satellite and penetrate the skull entraining the dipolar water molecules surrounding brain cells, thereby…

            This an overview of the `remote mind control technology believed to be widely used, commonly referred to as “Lilly wave/ pulses.” Its first known use by US military during the Gulf War (1990/ 1991) piping “voice into skull” (v2k) of hapless Iraqi soldiers ordering them to surrender to the Americans, but it’s also been exposed as being used today by other parties such as US and other Governments, DARPA, but also private bodies like Antifa, as mind control weaponry. Also, by whomever else?

            This particular waveform, Lilly wave/ pulses, is biphasic (+’ve … Zero ... –‘ve) the Zero required to give neurons time to respond to the impacts, as realised by Dr John C Lilly, and is now used as safe electro-stimulation in neurosurgery as microscopic studies to date show the biphasic pulse doesn’t damage neuronal networks as did previously used waveform.

            But- “Lilly wave/ pulse” can also be used as remote mind control arsenal by getting underneath operations of neurons via electromagnetic waveforms of radio/ microwave wavelength that can be used remotely, readily transmittable by satellite. There’s no longer a need for electrodes as radio can penetrate the skull and impact on the dipolar water molecules surrounding brain cells causing them to resonate with surrounding molecules also resonating at certain frequencies. Lilly wave/ pulse is biphasic (+’ve … Zero ... –‘ve) the Zero required to give neurons time to respond to the first impact before then being suggested again, as realised by Dr J C Lilly. This has the effect of pushing the ions or charged atoms that carry ionic electric charge within neurons in one way, then after a brief rest, push in the opposite way, next leaving the ions in their former places, thereby stimulating the brain’s neurons. By this inducement it can not only read a person’s thoughts, which can also be achieved thru fMRI, but this can also implant any brainwave pattern or thought into skull (v2k) remotely via radio, this can induce dreams, force speech, pipe voices into brain, more. Its development is so far advanced. This is the technology that’s being used in Australia and I’ve been threatened if I published, more.

            Additionally, brainwave patterns the electromagnetic fields resultants of ionic electric current transfers within neurons are singular to every individual thus now a person can be picked out in a crowd or tracked in a desert, anywhere a radio wave can go, rather similar to how WiFi reaches the designated laptop/ iPhone via their unique IP address.

            Note:   if you’re wise to this it feels like the person is right beside you when messages are implanted straight into your brain, v2k and for a while I thought I was talking in my sleep, until one night I was awake and realised that I wasn’t speaking at all. Consider how sound information is perceived when underwater with our ears and auditory system “switched off.”

            Schematics- diagram of “Lilly wave/ pulses”







            Described as a bi-phasic electric pulse which stimulates the neurons of the brain to resonate at certain frequencies, thereby, Lilly wave has the ability to control and alter the brainwave patterns of any human’s mind.

            There’s however a far more advanced form and a largely unknown, suppressed and sinister purpose behind the use of the “Lilly Wave/ pulses


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