Remote neural monitoring is an intelligence gatherers dream but yet they didn't use it against the Taliban, instead picking random everyday housewives to use the technology on. SMH I just don't know what to think. What is going on here exactly, what is really going on? The US spent over a trillion Dollars in Afghanistan , it cost them more than 2500 in soldiers (in death toll) , and all that effort over 20 years. When in reality they just had to use remote neural monitoring and would have known all of the Taliban's secrets , would have known their every move in advance , it would have been impossible to mess it up. But they didn't , instead using these weapons on us harmless individuals like us. I'm scratching my head. And it makes TI's look bad (insane) as we have been ranting and raving about remote neural monitoring for the past 20 or more years and everyone must be thinking that if such technologies were real then surely they would have used in on the Taliban , so they must be thinking that these technologies are all just science fiction and that TI's are just nutjobs. I think that it is all a set back for targets. We are all in a deep dark hole and there doesn't seem to be a way out. What the events over the past few days in Afghanistan tells me is that these technologies are NOT going to be declassified anytime soon.

Is it a Coventry city type of situation ? In WWII the British were decoding all of the Germans SECRET coded messages, but didn't want the Germans to know this. They had advance warning that the city of Coventry was going to wiped out on a bombing raid but decided to do nothing and just sat back and let it happen as they didn't want the Germans knowing that they could read all of their secret communications.  Would Afghanistan be such a situation? But costing them 20 years of effort and deaths and over a trillion dollars in costs? Hmm I just don't know!!

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  • In the US, there are layers to declassifying material. "Top secret" is prioritized & information can take 10 years, 25 & up to 75 to release. Its sensitivity & damage to national security are determining factors. For example, an assassination carries conflicting ramifications but dissimilar from funding a coup. Countries have different declassification laws & more facts can be found on Wikipedia. (I hope this provides some clarity). 



    • It does (provide some clarity) thank you. I was being attacked with directed energy weapons as young as 8 years old , I would get things like numb hands and earaches (I am fairly sure it was them). I am 44 now by the way, so waiting 75 years for all of this to be made public? Oh God I don't even want to consider that. I will check out Wikipedia and search for declassification laws in my country (Ireland) , but I will search for America too as I feel that this targeting game is an American project.


  • Hi Stephen. I don`t think the govt would be in control of a decision like that. The govt/military may be involved in the TI program, but someone else is making the decisions. My understanding is that programs like the TI program have an end date and will end at that time. Having us all scattered and isolated is a way of making us sound like "nutjobs" as you say, and is part of the way it`s kept secret. They wouldn`t use it in a mass way like a war. If they roll it out further than just TIs, I guess it will be in a covert way. Just my opinion.



    • This targeting nightmare will have an end date? Hmmm interesting theory. Well I have been attacked with mind control as far back as 22 years ago , plus I was getting numb hands and earaches as young as 8 (I'm 44 now), I feel that it was directed energy weapons back then too. So this may have been going on for as much as 35 years , so if there is an end date then I hope we will be reaching it some time soon (35 years is a long time for any project).  Thanks Sandy

      • If they still attacking you, so you still useful for them. They didn't end you yet. Even if they attacked for a year, in this present time the world changed. This case must be brought to the public. The world needs to know what is happening in the dark and about victims.For sure there will be organizations or scientists or people that have the knowledge and power to stand against them. They can't shut the voices of the whole earth.

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