CIA top technicals and the Rockefeller tycoons did not kill each other. They only killed innocent people. That is evidence the CIA top technicals and the Rockefeller tycoons are the same thing.

Rockefeller CIA technicals, some of whom are in laws, are pretending some of them are red and some of them are blue. They put up many phony shows to fool the victims inside CIA and outside CIA. The only real purpose is to buy time to figure out how to kill everyone who knows the secret remote surgery and remote mind control technologies and other CIA secrets.


The CIA technical staffs deserve being killed although they will be killed only because they are not the toppest and they know too many secrets. They dare not kill their boss (especially the technical boss who does not allow the general public to monitor the two dangerous technologies that are killing tens of thousands people everyday). They only dare to kill innocent people mentally or physically. Without garbage like that there would not be so many people killed and there would not be any one killed remotely.

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