Satellite weapons patent numbers

Hi Targets

Hope that you are all coping well enough , I am getting hammered , they are attacking my mind a lot , but I will be fine I am sure.

Have a look at this link it is very good , also check out the patent numbers for satellite weapons (mind reading) , it may or may not be important for some of you guys.

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  • Comment by Lazarus Zombie just now

    "A real review would discuss the actual issues, not just attack the author. A real review would be written by someone capable of reading and understanding the material, and would naturally demonstrate same by discussing it in context with examples to show how they arrive at their conclusions. Incompetent disinfo.

    "Soleilmavis's recommendation is good enough for me - why don't you take it up with her?"   :-)

    Comment by deca 21 minutes ago

    hay labrat/lazarus

    why do you never post a real review of Anthony crap

    This is the scientifically established reality which Cointelpro disinfo agents are at such pains to repress that they must banish the author from their controlled sites without explanation:

    Gang-Stalking and Mind-Control: The Destruction of Society Through ... By A. K. Forwood

    eBook (PDF): $4.95
    Download immediately.
    (2 Ratings)
    A secret underground lurks throughout society, a sophisticated network of secret ‘policing’ units that are cropping up in every community. It is made up of people from all walks of life who are operating as a fascist secret police force against all freedom-loving citizens of the western world. They pretend to be serving a good cause, but they are creating terror in our neighborhoods and destroying lives, one person at a time. This secret network is not only used for targeting individuals with systematic harassment, but those within it are often involved in sexual exploitation, blackmail, satanism, and mind-control. Gang-Stalking and Mind-Control takes an inside look at the sinister side of this growing epidemic. Written by a target, for targets.
  • hay Anthony/labrat/lazarus runing low on funds are we ....nobody buying your crappy PDF which does not contain anything that you can`t view for free on the internet anyway ...

  •   Comment by Susana Loureiro on Wednesday

    Deca is a paid guy to DISTRACT AND MISINFORM  the people, don´t get stressed for his comments(is what he is looking for) and focus on what is important.

    yeah Lazarus Zombie / labrat we are all dumb unintelligent TI`s that have no capacity to work things out for ourselfs ...

    Deca posts various 'reasons' we are confused about the documented reality of gang-salking we are experiencing and reporting here: "confirmation bias", "inference", "hyper-vigilance" etc, and has been called "patronizing and condescending" by others for claiming that we are holding the "shit and of the stick" - and need his falsely claimed expertise in order to realize that we are 'not' being stalked by Cointelpro agents.

    The ridiculous straw man that ends with "is that what you are saying troll fool" is deliberately misconstrued to evade the fact that 'hearing voices' (receiving V2K signals) most definitely does NOT equate with "having your mind read" - and to claim that your opinion is worthless unless you have had this "experience" is not much different from saying that you don't really "know" heroin is addictive till you get hooked and try to quit.

    The difference between the scientifically verified reality of V2K and scientifically debunked allegations of "mind-reading satellites" is spelled out very clearly here:

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