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Hi Targets

Hope that you are all coping well enough , I am getting hammered , they are attacking my mind a lot , but I will be fine I am sure.

Have a look at this link it is very good , also check out the patent numbers for satellite weapons (mind reading) , it may or may not be important for some of you guys.

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Hi, Stephen - nice to see you back. If I may quote Cedric's response to blown OSI Cointelpro agent Greg Gamouche (aka 'governmentalienrobotgod'), "! LOL!"  Let's not forget that the United States, unlike the rest of the world, accepts patent applications for science fiction technological devices which don't have to work (do not require a functioning model).

This is more less the same as Harvard University accepting undergraduate thesis applications (such as 'Duncan' submitted here as 'evidence' of a graduate degree) - it does not mean that the thesis is worth anything until it has actually been accepted. (It has not, obviously, or we'd be seeing the diploma Harvard has no record of, instead of the (again, UNDERgraduate) thesis application.

Given that the 'satellite mind reading' hypothesis is not mentioned in a single academic journal article in the world, One must conclude that the technology is indeed science fiction. Duncan's 'theory' - which he admitted to Anthony Forwood is "flawed", is unlikely to be accepted till this 'miracle technology' actually surfaces in reality.

yeah Lazarus Zombie / labrat we are all dumb unintelligent TI`s that have no capacity to work things out for ourselfs ...have no personal experience to go by and just stumble across Dr Robert Duncan information then all start believing our minds are being read because he say so that what you are saying troll fool

theirs only one person on here that's indoctrinated and easily influenced  by some self proclaimed expert with no qualifications or experience .....and that's YOU by the crap that your guru Anthony posts

  Comment by Susana Loureiro on Wednesday

Deca is a paid guy to DISTRACT AND MISINFORM  the people, don´t get stressed for his comments(is what he is looking for) and focus on what is important.

yeah Lazarus Zombie / labrat we are all dumb unintelligent TI`s that have no capacity to work things out for ourselfs ...

Deca posts various 'reasons' we are confused about the documented reality of gang-salking we are experiencing and reporting here: "confirmation bias", "inference", "hyper-vigilance" etc, and has been called "patronizing and condescending" by others for claiming that we are holding the "shit and of the stick" - and need his falsely claimed expertise in order to realize that we are 'not' being stalked by Cointelpro agents.

The ridiculous straw man that ends with "is that what you are saying troll fool" is deliberately misconstrued to evade the fact that 'hearing voices' (receiving V2K signals) most definitely does NOT equate with "having your mind read" - and to claim that your opinion is worthless unless you have had this "experience" is not much different from saying that you don't really "know" heroin is addictive till you get hooked and try to quit.

The difference between the scientifically verified reality of V2K and scientifically debunked allegations of "mind-reading satellites" is spelled out very clearly here:

hay Anthony/labrat/lazarus runing low on funds are we ....nobody buying your crappy PDF which does not contain anything that you can`t view for free on the internet anyway ...

No response to the issues - just an 'ad hominem' attack on the author without even discussing what he says. Pathetic. Deca does not enjoy adequate reading and comprehension skills, and obviously has not (/can't) read the book, so he is making his pronouncement with as little regard for the evidence as he does in his (busted) remote gas-lighting of Susana's photograph.
deca said:

hay Anthony/labrat/lazarus runing low on funds are we ....nobody buying your crappy PDF which does not contain anything that you can`t view for free on the internet anyway ...

oh dear lets look at a review of Anthony crappy PDF

2 People Reviewed This Product
By Robert William Robinson

A common tactic used by Government agent Disinformation Shills is that they will publish books that contain some truth but also fill their books and material with Disinformation to mislead targeted individuals and in my opinion and others, we firmly believe this to be the case with this book. After reading this book I began researching this person "anthony forwood" and was shocked at all of the horrible negative feedback and stories from other trustworthy targeted individuals about this "Anthony Forwwood". I was even further shocked and disgusted when i saw this "Forwoods" blog where he is attacking and slandering EVERYONE including well known TI Groups and Harvard Scientists. It is said that you will know who the paid government Shills and Trolls are because you will see them attacking and posting Lies and Slander about the TI's and Groups actually going against and exposing the Perpetrators and from what many are saying, and in mine and many others opinion, this appears to be the case with this "anthony forwood" and his book that seems to have been written as a desperate attempt at trying to gain some credibility within the Targeted Community, but obviously from what others are saying and my own research, this "Anthony Forwood" is not credible and most are saying he isn't even a real TI and that he is a a Shill/Agent planted here within the Targeted Community according to what others are saying. If this "Forwood" thinks he can achieve credibility by attacking and Slandering the ones who are legit. it just doesn't work like this and im figuring this guy will either end up in Court or Jail for Defaming people

and if you click on a link to Anthony`s crappy blog

"I was even further shocked and disgusted when i saw this "Forwoods" blog where he is attacking and slandering EVERYONE including well known TI Groups and Harvard Scientists."

then you realize this is an accurate description off Anthony blog

Comment by Lazarus Zombie just now

"A real review would discuss the actual issues, not just attack the author. A real review would be written by someone capable of reading and understanding the material, and would naturally demonstrate same by discussing it in context with examples to show how they arrive at their conclusions. Incompetent disinfo.

"Soleilmavis's recommendation is good enough for me - why don't you take it up with her?"   :-)

Comment by deca 21 minutes ago

hay labrat/lazarus

why do you never post a real review of Anthony crap

This is the scientifically established reality which Cointelpro disinfo agents are at such pains to repress that they must banish the author from their controlled sites without explanation:

Gang-Stalking and Mind-Control: The Destruction of Society Through ... By A. K. Forwood

eBook (PDF): $4.95
Download immediately.
(2 Ratings)
A secret underground lurks throughout society, a sophisticated network of secret ‘policing’ units that are cropping up in every community. It is made up of people from all walks of life who are operating as a fascist secret police force against all freedom-loving citizens of the western world. They pretend to be serving a good cause, but they are creating terror in our neighborhoods and destroying lives, one person at a time. This secret network is not only used for targeting individuals with systematic harassment, but those within it are often involved in sexual exploitation, blackmail, satanism, and mind-control. Gang-Stalking and Mind-Control takes an inside look at the sinister side of this growing epidemic. Written by a target, for targets.

I went on to a patent website and put the number into the search engine and this is what it came up with.

Patents filed in the U.S. do not require a working model, and in fact are permitted to be complete science fiction. Decades later, still no working model for Robert Malech’s “mind-reading device” patent: it’s an entrapment psyops by Cointelpro, to discredit TI’s as scientifically illiterate (and schizophrenic), so our real reports of v2k etc are dismissed: 

The first piece of relevant information is a reference to a patent issued to a Robert G. Malech in 1976 (US patent #3951134). It’s described as:

a fairly simple radar device that could read whole brain electrical activity at a large distance. It has the major advantages of no wires and full brain electrical activity analysis, not just points on the skull surface […] by ‘illuminating’ the brain and its electrical conductance then reading the return signal. The imaging method observes the changes of frequency resonances, amplitude, and phase which represent the states of neuron depolarization throughout the brain.”

I searched out this patent at the US Patent Office, and retrieved the original application. Although such a patent exists and is described as Robert Duncan says, I was still not so easily convinced.

First of all, an important question needs to be asked: What is the maximum distance that this technology will operate at? The application does not provide an answer, but I did find something in the patent description that suggests that it probably isn’t very far at all. It states, in part (emphasis added):

If the amplitudes of the two signals transmitted to the subject are maintained at identical levels, the resultant interference waveform,absent influences of external radiation, may be expected to assume zero intensity when maximum interference occurs[.]”

This raises a problem, as I outline in my document mentioned above – that any electromagnetic interference (external radiation) between the source and target will disrupt the signals, and this is virtually impossible to eliminate. The greater the distance between target and source, the more interference there will be to contend with. This applies to both the signal that’s transmitted to the target and the signal that’s received back, doubling the problem of getting a reliable reading.

Further, in describing the method of operation, the application states (emphasis added):

[T]he interference waveform is modulated by the brain waves. It is believed that this is due to the fact that brain waves produce electric charges each of which has a component of electromagnetic radiation associated with it.”

These last two quoted statements clearly indicate that, at least at the time that the application was made (1974), there was no certainty that specific brainwave patterns could be determined, which means that the technology was never actually built and tested to see if it would do what is expected. According to the patent application process in the USA, such requirements are not necessary.

It should be further noted that a MEG machine, which is the most advanced method of brain scanning in use today, reads electromagnetic emissions from the brain in a similar fashion to what this patent describes, but it requires a very carefully controlled setup to eliminate all external interference, which involves heavy shielding to block outside interference, as well as very sensitive electromagnetic sensors (SQUIDs) that must be situated only a few inches from the person’s head. The MEG didn’t come into use until after the Malech patent was applied for. If the MEG had to be designed in the manner that it is in order to eliminate all external interference, then it stands to reason that the technology described in the Malech patent would have to as well.

According to an explanation of the patent examination process available on the US Patent Office’s website:

As a rule the examiner will give to a claim its "broadest reasonable interpretation consistent with the specification. […] [T]he words of the claim must be given their plain (ordinary and customary) meaning unless applicant has provided a clear definition in the specification.”

Given this fact, a closer scrutiny of the Malech patent application will reveal that the distinctions in its wording – specifically in the use of the words ‘can’, ‘will’, and ‘may’ – suggest that the author of the application understood that certain key aspects of this technology’s operation were being assumed to work, rather than being certain to, However, I will not attempt to show this here, due to space, and will instead leave it to those who are interested in verifying this to have a look at the patent application for themselves.

A few final words regarding this patent application. There is no specific claim that it would be able to do what Robert Duncan claims is possible with current mind-control technologies, i.e., that it can be used to “see what you are viewing, hearing, and thinking to some extent." What it does claim to be able to do is best described in its final paragraph (emphasis added):

As will be appreciated by those familiar with the art, apparatus and method of the subject invention has numerous uses. Persons in critical positions such as drivers and pilots can be continuously monitored with provision for activation of an emergency device in the event of human failure. Seizures, sleepiness and dreaming can be detected. Bodily functions such as pulse rate, heartbeat reqularity and others also can be monitored and occurrences of hallucinations can be detected. The system also permits medical diagnoses of patients, inaccessible to physicians, from remote stations.”

However, these capabilities don’t necessarily rely on brainwave emissions, and can be determined by stronger electromagnetic emissions coming from other parts of the body, or from body movements (similar to EKG readings), although the patent description doesn’t specifically state this. Again, the wording used is very important, and it is very likely that the author was being careful to suggest the most extensive uses possible to encourage the widest possible licensing rights.*

Stephen O' Neill said:

I went on to a patent website and put the number into the search engine and this is what it came up with.

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