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Hi Targets

Hope that you are all coping well enough , I am getting hammered , they are attacking my mind a lot , but I will be fine I am sure.

Have a look at this link it is very good , also check out the patent numbers for satellite weapons (mind reading) , it may or may not be important for some of you guys.

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Stephan O’Neill: patents filed in the U.S. do not require working models! They are evidence of nothing except one’s unawareness of the process by which scientific knowledge is produced and verified. I have posted below part of an article explaining why there has never been any working model presented for the decades-old Robert Malech “mind-reading device” patent. You will be able to contribute useful material only if you stop allowing yourself to be misled by exposed Cointelpro disinfo flunkeys:

Renee Pittman Mitchell, for example, got caught forging Myron May’s ‘suicide letter’ signature in an attempt to help the FBI cover up both his murder, and the theft of the embezzled $7.2 BILLION he was prosecuting (on behalf of the DA’s office) the brother of the same FFCHS “disinfo front group” (see Reddit) agent who appeared on Dr. Phil predictively programming Myron’s ‘symptoms’ as the crazy TI who hears voices telling him to kill.

Renee was also caught feeding the west coast media disinformation about the FSU ‘shooter’ staged terror event long before she could possibly have known about it were she not complicit, as the incident was at that time only reported in the local press. This article very amusingly see deca squirming every which way to pretend that she is innocent (and that Myron was actually guilty):

Stephen O' Neill said:

How does one person become SO confused? While Anthony was still alive, as deca knows perfectly well, that review was deleted by Lulu as obvious fraudulence, and this is pathetically easy to determine: just which “Harvard Scientist” did Anthony ‘slander’? Could he possibly be referring to confessed “CIA perp misleading you for extra pay”* (alias) ‘Robert Duncan’ of FFCHS, whose criminally fraudulent, admittedly photo-shopped “Harvard Ph’d”** enabled Reddit mod Energyweaponsatme to prove FFCHS/PACTS/TALKSHOE guilty of serially killing TI’s***? Asking for a couple of murdered friends...




deca said:

oh dear lets look at a review of Anthony crappy PDF

2 People Reviewed This Product
By Robert William Robinson

A common tactic used by Government agent Disinformation Shills is that they will publish books that contain some truth but also fill their books and material with Disinformation to mislead targeted individuals and in my opinion and others, we firmly believe this to be the case with this book. After reading this book I began researching this person "anthony forwood" and was shocked at all of the horrible negative feedback and stories from other trustworthy targeted individuals about this "Anthony Forwwood". I was even further shocked and disgusted when i saw this "Forwoods" blog where he is attacking and slandering EVERYONE including well known TI Groups and Harvard Scientists. It is said that you will know who the paid government Shills and Trolls are because you will see them attacking and posting Lies and Slander about the TI's and Groups actually going against and exposing the Perpetrators and from what many are saying, and in mine and many others opinion, this appears to be the case with this "anthony forwood" and his book that seems to have been written as a desperate attempt at trying to gain some credibility within the Targeted Community, but obviously from what others are saying and my own research, this "Anthony Forwood" is not credible and most are saying he isn't even a real TI and that he is a a Shill/Agent planted here within the Targeted Community according to what others are saying. If this "Forwood" thinks he can achieve credibility by attacking and Slandering the ones who are legit. it just doesn't work like this and im figuring this guy will either end up in Court or Jail for Defaming people

and if you click on a link to Anthony`s crappy blog

"I was even further shocked and disgusted when i saw this "Forwoods" blog where he is attacking and slandering EVERYONE including well known TI Groups and Harvard Scientists."

then you realize this is an accurate description off Anthony blog

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