Eileen Rockefeller, born in 1952, the youngest daughter of David Rockefeller and husband to Eileen Rockefeller, husband to Maggie Rockefeller and husband to Albby Rockefeller are making victims inside and outside Mind Control FIRM to set up Government for bad things did by Rockefeller Ethnic Italian Mafia tycoon family. Doing that is to kill CIAs and others who knew secrets in name of governments so that the killers: Rockefeller family would not pay any price. Rockefellers had been fooling many mind control Scientists and technicals for over 40 years by pretending to be American government.

They have all resources that American government has. However, majority American government officials including the Presidents didn't know what is Electromagnetic Remote Surgery and what is Electromagnetic Remote Mind Control. Rockefeller made SLEEPWALKING government officials say something that make people believe they knew everything. A full SLEEPWALKING government official is 100% a Rockefeller family member or their helper, not the Sleepwalker himself/herself. A temporary full SLEEPWALKER speaks like a very sleepy person.

A permanent full SLEEPWALKING person normally can be found by observation. He/she is NOT SENSITIVE, showing expression not consistent with what she/he says, with strange eye movement occasionally. A permanent SLEEPWALKER does not know what they did. They could not argue reasonably on topics related to Remote Mind Control, Remote Surgery and the Mafia Tycoon family controlling the Mind Control FIRM. They could not talk as an ordinary human being probably because those behind were not allowed to talk about Remote Surgery, Remote Mind Control and the Mafia trillionair/ billionair family’s control of CIA mind control FIRM. That is why they tend to talk something not related to what you are talking.

Many youngsters were turned into sleepwalking robots, and becoming either full sleepwalkers or half sleepwalkers. A half sleepwalker knew what they did. They tend to FORGET to relate one thing with another as they were not thinking at all but feeling the inputted brain signals only. Most targeted individuals were half sleepwalkers. Many had been killed after being turned into full sleepwalkers, as the mind control FIRM wouldn’t support a full sleepwalker for long unless for special purposes.

Those American scientists who study and use Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control, especially husbands to Rockefellers, are the only killers, the only evils, the only anti-humankind on the planet today. Killing mentally is more harmful to humankind than killing physically as they killed more than one by killing one mentally. Eileen Rockefeller and husbands to Rockefellers are eager to kill me to stop my talking about Ethnic Italian American trillionair Mafia family- Rockefeller family want to kill every CIA who knew mind control.

Please help to do 3 things for us who might have been killed or turned into sleep walking robots when the CIA electromagnetic remote surgery and remote mind control secrets being exposed,: [1] Same surgeries on those who enabled electromagnetic remote surgeries on innocent people, especially those who made decisions. [2] Build memorial buildings in every country to memorize the heroes killed or disabled due to exposing the secrets. [3] Use numbers to replace names of bad people to discourage doing bad things to leave names in history.(e.g. Evil 123 in the 2nd World War to replace Hitler; Evil 001 in EM weapon crisis to replace Rockefeller if Rockefeller family was really the controller of the mind control FIRM.)

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