Without CIA technical softers, the CIA tycoon boss could not be able to control so many CIA tools (no matter 100% robots or 20 % robots) to kill so many innocent people both inside CIA and outside CIA. It is those softers who enabled the killings of themselves after helping to kill other innocent people. This week, around 143 workers in China were killed in a fire set or controlled by CIA using whatever excuses. The softers who enabled that (100% robots can not do complicated things at all) did not assume that they might be the victims themselves and they have the responsibility to stop their boss who kept the killings continue. Of course the CIA real BOSS is the biggest evil, however, without the help of those softers could the big CIA evil and the CIA evil’s family do everything by themselves? If softers have opportunities to stop their boss who would kill the softers after using the softers, why didn’t softers do that earlier instead of being regret after losing the opportunities?

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