some tips to better handle the situation

Here are some tips to better handle the situation. I hope you consider at least some of them as useful (both for your general health and against the torture). 

I start with three things that I recently have tried and found helpful: 

1. Cold showers. For the past six months I have every morning been taking cold showers combined with a breathing exercise. This has given a very positive effect in many ways. I can think more clearly, I have more energy (mitochondria) and I feel less stressed. The inflamed feeling that I have every morning/night when waking up gets reduced after the shower. My circulation has improved and I haven't got really sick after I started doing this. 

Also, I no longer get as much abnormal 'stuff'’ (biofilm?) in my nose, especially after letting the water hit the forehead, face and nose (this also seems to help getting rid of mucus). The cold training also burns fat and diminish depression. 

Further it strengthens the immune system, decreases (brain)inflammation, kills bacteria and reduces (chronic) stress etc. - something which has been scientifically confirmed (see for example the latest book by Dutchman Wim Hof; Way of the Iceman).

Personally I started slow by finishing the normal shower with 30 seconds of cold. I did this for a long time before gradually increasing the length. Nowadays first thing after getting up from the bed I take a 5 minute long cold shower. Before and during the shower I try to breathe heavily since this is beneficial (see Hof's book). Funnily, after practising cold training for some time the body gets used to it - it's like training - which makes the cold feel less cold.    

2. Correct breathing. To breathe correct is very important for the body to properly function (oxygenation of the body).
The most important thing is to breathe in and out through the nose (not the mouth). 

A priceworthy breathing trainer is the Relaxator; 
Breathing through the Relaxator gives me a more clear thinking and really makes me more relaxed. 

Practising breath holding is simple and beneficial in many ways. A book that I recommend about breathing, and more is Breatheology by the danish free diver Stig Severinsen. Maybe we should eat, train and live more like many freedivers do...

3. A diet rich in minerals and alkaline. After I found the home page belonging to Dr. Lawrence Wilson, who propagates a diet rich in (cooked) vegetables I nowadays eat about 900 grams of vegetables every day (divided in three meals). According to Wilson almost everybody today is more or less deficient in minerals. Further, eating more vegetables also makes your body more alkaline body which is good in many ways.

Starting the day by drinking/eating a lemon (lime) first thing in the morning is,also, by the way a simple method to get more alkaline/less acid.  

Link to Wilson's homepage: - see the ’free’ program
A link to all articles from Wilson (he has really written many articles):
Of course one doesn't have to agree with everything that Wilson writes but personally I think he has many interesting articles. One can for example read (search) more about yeast infections, parasites, inflammation, stress, glycemic index, food combining (rules), toxic metals (detoxification), liver support, and brainfog...

Among the many different articles there is also one concerning psychotronic warfare; "Psychotronic warfare and radionics"; 
A concept that one maybe is not familiar with is the concept of yin and yang, which has its roots in chinese medicine.

Combining all these things above mentioned has been really helpful for me. 
Below follows some more things that I also practise from time to time…

Eat things like raw garlic and clove. Drink Pau D'Arco tea. All of these things helps a little bit against ’sound transmissions. And take some turmeric (with black pepper).   

Limit intake of (simple) sugar and starch for a while and evaluate if this helps against ’electronic rape’-attempts.  

Consider practising intermittent fasting (good in many ways, also lessens ’sound transmissions’ temporarily) 

Use magnets; carry small magnets and/or buy a really strong one to deswitch. Keep the strong one around you and/or pull it over your head (I bought my neodymium magnet from

Listen as much as possible to so called isochronic and binaural beats, for example Neuro-Programmer 3 and/or (helps against ’sound transmissions’ and other manipulation attempts). 

Try these deswitching techniques from Dr. Doepp; Massage the forehead, earlobes and area under the nose according to instructions.

Use a technique from Soleilmavis (the creator of Peacepink forum). I quote; ”Stare at your nose, cross-eyed, for 30 seconds. Its from an old yoga instruction book that made very difficult to obtain kept by these cowards. It strengthens your brain muscles and allows you to fight some of these 'programed' thoughts and responses. It may hurt, but take a break, give it time.. and then keep practicing. I also periodically blur my eyes while driving, etc... it has allowed me freedoms to even continue with my self scientific work... right down to this information I'm sharing. You may find 'the voices' start disappearing, and your own voice from the middle of your spine 'reaching' up into your brain to regain control over your own consciousness. Remember, TVs and especially computers are being used by these people in ways you wouldn't get until you really understood it.”

Use sunglasses, especially in front of screens (seems for example to lessen ’sound transmissions’ a little bit). To reduce radiation and manipulation attempts, consider buying products to put on PC/TV-screens (see for example

Take long walks in the forest with earthing (grounding) sandals. Really helpful for thinking more clearly and also offers some help, at least temporarily against ’sound transmissions’ (I bought mine from

Take activated charcoal (helps getting rid of unwanted things in the body). 

Massage Tea tree body soap (from Thursday Plantation, for example) on the skin in the shower and let dry in before washing (gives a more normal feeling, also effective against skin problems/bacteria). Also one can put a thin layer of Tee Trea hand & body lotion” on the forehead, nose/face and the earlobes, maybe also on the throat - and see if it helps against 'sound transmissions'.

Use a spike mat before bedtime to calm down (I like the so called Shakti mat...).
Supplement with melatonin to fall asleep (take as little as possible).
Go to bed as early as possible...
And turn off the fuse for the bedroom.   

Take some vitamins, especially D, and a B-vitamin complex. 
Adaptogens such as maca, ginseng.
Supplement with omega-3 (fish oil).
Eat organic if possible.

And remember to collect (objective) evidence! We will never let them get away with this crime!

Greetings, Oskar

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